BSD & Cloud @ Shanghai/ BSD和云 聚会 @ 上海

Mon, 21 Nov 2016 18:30:00 GMT ~ Mon, 21 Nov 2016 21:00:00 GMT
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Meet other local geeks and discuss the BSD including FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS X, DragonFlyBSD and any other BSD derived systems.If you want to know about BSD running in the cloud or how BSD is used as networking and security product, you definitely should join us!
BSD的开发者,爱好者们,无论您是在做FreeBSD,NetBSD,OpenBSD,MacOS X, DragonFlyBSD或任何BSD衍生产品的开发,或者您听过并想了解BSD和UNIX,让我们聚集一堂吧!又或者您关心云计算,网络和安全,这样的聚会也必定让您受益匪!

This isorganizedby Microsoft and FreeBSD Foundation.



Time: 11/21 6:30pm

Venue: SH Xujiahui (Microsoft office - F10, No.3 Hongqiao Rd, Grand Gateway Office Tower 2)

Contact if you lost: 18019263349

We will provide subway food and drinks at the beginning.

Agenda / 日程
6:30 – Subway and Networking

7:00 – Opening from Kylie, Sr.PM of Microsoft, director of FreeBSD Foundation 
        欢迎词, 梁莉(微软高级项目经理,FreeBSD基金会董事)

7:05 – Cambridge L41: Teaching Advanced Operating Systems with FreeBSD

Teaching about operating systems in universities is a tricky business. Some universities teach by having students hack on teaching operating systems, and instructors are left feeling like they taught with a toy rather than a realistic artefact. Other universities have students hack on real operating systems -- but the risks are substantial: one bad kernel concurrency bug and even seasoned kernel hackers run into trouble.

The University of Cambridge's "L41" graduate-level OS course takes a different approach: we teach with a real-world operating system, but instead have students use tracing and performance-analysis tools to learn about the internals and dynamics of the kernel. L41 teaches about operating system internals, experimental methodology, and scientific writing. More experienced students can hack the kernel if they like, but every student gains direct experience with tracing tools, hardware-software interface, process models, and the TCP stack. This talk describes our teaching platform (BeagleBone Black + FreeBSD), the methodology (hardware performance counters, DTrace, and performance analysis), what worked, what didn't, and how you could teach this course too.



剑桥大学L41研究生操作系统课程使用另外一种方法进行操作系统教学。我们依然使用真正的操作系统(FreeBSD),但是学生的上机过程中使用跟踪和性能分析工具来了解操作系统内核,当然有经验的学生也可以在上机过程中对内核进行修改。这种教学方法让所有的学生都可以直接接触到跟踪工具,软硬件接口,进程模型和网络堆栈。这次的主题演讲将描述我们的教学平台(BeagleBone Black + FreeBSD),所使用的工具(硬件性能计数器,DTrace,以及性能分析),哪些东西已经工作,哪些东西不能工作,以及如何讲授这门课程。

Dr. Robert N. M. Watson, Director (Through Remote Meeting)

Dr Robert N. M. Watson is a University Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, where he researches and teaches in the areas of security, operating systems, and computer architecture. His past contributions include the CHERI instruction-set architecture, Capsicum OS capability-system model, and MAC Framework kernel access-control framework. Dr Watson is a frequent contributor to open-source systems include FreeBSD; he is a member of the board of directors of the FreeBSD Foundation, and co-author on the Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System (Second Edition).

Robert N. M. Watson是剑桥大学计算机实验室的资深讲师(副教授)。他的主要教学和研究领域在计算机安全,操作系统和计算机体系结构。他实现了CHERI计算机体系的指令集,Capsicum OS capability-system模型,以及内核强制访问控制框架。他对包括FreeBSD在内的开源系统做出了很多贡献。他是FreeBSD基金会董事局成员以及《Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System (Second Edition)》的作者之一。

7:45 – QA

7:50 – FreBSD and BSD based Virtual Appliance in Microsoft Azure



Sephe Qiao, Bachelor's degree from Shanghai JiaoTong University, major in EE.
DragonFlyBSD src committer since 2005.
FreeBSD src committer since 2007.
Mainly interested in networking and device drivers.



8:20 – QA

8:25 – Lightning Talks

8:55 – Lucky Draw

Online Meeting is also provided. Below is the information. Of course, on-stie will get door gift and have chance to win lucky draw.

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