TEDxFuxingPark 2019: Mission Impossible | TEDx复兴公园春季大会:不可能的任务

Sat, 20 Apr 2019 13:30:00 GMT ~ Sat, 20 Apr 2019 17:30:00 GMT
Limited 400
TEDxFuxingPark (TEDx复兴公园)


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2019 Spring Event:Mission Impossible 


In the movie series <Mission: Impossible>, special agent hunt and his team were faced with a series of impossible missions, and resolved plenty crises and great troubles. You and I have definitely encountered such occasion, where we just wanna cry out “This is impossible!” Do you still remember how you dealt with it in the end? Did you flee from it, or did you face it head on?

This spring, at TEDxFuxingPark, we present you a series of speakers who's life was heavily influenced by the quest of seeking the truth after discovering problems or setbacks, that boosted new energy, life advancements and ideas. Are you with us? Come, and find out all the missions impossible and how they finally became mission accomplished.




TEDx复兴公园 2019 Spring  2019年4月20日
TEDxFuxingPark 2019  Date: April 20th 

Venue:B2 Hall02,Expo Exhibition Hall


Saturday, April 20nd, 2019 | 2019年4月20日周六

13:00pm - 17:30pm



Speaker Highlight



SESSION 01: Impossible Missions 不可能的任务

Life is unpredictable and we do not know exactly when we are going to be served with an impossible mission. It could be a 6 year old has too many homework to finish overnight, or a billionaire has encountered a potentially bankrupting trust crisis. It could be a seemingly impossible scientific break though, or a sampling troubling personal dilemma. Nevertheless, we have all been there, moaning “this is impossible”. Here, let’s listen to our speakers, to learn how they encountered their own “impossible missions”.



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SESSION 02: Impossible solutions 不可能的解答

Not every problem has its perfect answer, and there’s just no perfect solution for each mission. With their wisdom, experience and hard work, our speakers went through heavens and hell, conquered many obstacles and finally achieved great success. However, that’s not always true. Maybe that impossible answer hides behind 99 different answers, maybe that impossible solution is still to be found. Nevertheless, how do we excel, and how do we find that solution, is the eternal question.


并不是每一个问题,都有它的完美答案。也不是每一个任务, 都具有一个标准解答。用他们的智慧,经验,和努力,我们的讲者们一路披荆斩棘,降妖伐魔,次次都取得了伟大的胜利。然而现实并非如此。也许那个不可能的解答藏在99个答案之后,也许那个不可能的解答还在被追寻之中。我们如何超越自己,找到答案,这是永恒的命题。

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Our event will be in English and Chinese, 我们的大会将有中英文双语

您是否需要同声传译设备? Will you be needing the translation service?
If you‘ll need the device, please bring your ID+20rmb.(Or use alipay)


 活 动 日 程 


13:00-13:30    签到 Registration

13:30~15:00  SESSION 01: Impossible Missions

15:00~15:30  茶歇 Tea Break

15:30~17:30  SESSION 02: Impossible Solutions

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