The 22nd International Workshop on Business Incubation (IBI)

Mon, 11 Nov 2019 09:00:00 GMT ~ Fri, 15 Nov 2019 18:00:00 GMT
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On 11th November 2019, IBI will begin a one-week training course in Shanghai. We will help you to achieve all these regardless you want to understand the global innovation service model, learn through case study, or you would like to communicate with the experts in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. In a week, you will learn about the cross-border incubation business model, challenge your thinking and stimulate your creativity. Make use of IBI’s powerful network and resources to integrate into China's entrepreneurship ecosystem. This workshop is mainly targeted at participants from overseas incubator operators and a few slots would be for representatives from domestic incubators. 

Join International Workshop on Business Incubation and have an immersive learning journey.





Arrival in Shanghai 



IBI Opening Ceremony and 


*Keynote Speeches: Introduction of 

Global Innovation Eco-system (by 

incubator representatives globally)

*Workshop: Crossborder Incubation 

and Differences in Innovation Models 

* Welcome Dinner



Cross-border Dialogue: Acceleration

with Specific Focus

*Keynote Speech: Origins and 

Destination of New Retail

*Keynote Speech: Borderless Outreach 

of Science and Technology in 

AI & Life Science

*Panel Discussion: Co-shaping 

the Driving Force of Innovation



China-focus: How to become one 

of the Accleration Forces of an 

Innovative City

*Keynote Speech: How Accelerator 

Helps Overseas Entrepreneurs to

Localize in China

*Roundtable Discussion: MNCs in China: 

What Changed and What Not (by 

Innovation Leaders from MNCs)

*Roundtable Discussion: Future of 

Incubators: Empower City with Innovation 

*Panel Discussion: How to Empower

Innovation with Incubators' Own Specialty



Learning Expedition 

*Incubators with specialty in bringing 

value to both corporate and startup, 

building platform for MNCs, accelerator 

backed by VC and SOE-background 

industry incubation base 

*Panel Discussion



IBI Graduation Ceromony

*IBI Closing Ceremony 

*Shanghai Zhujiajiao City 

Orienteering Competition



Departure from Shanghai



Registration fee: 1000 USD/ person

Includes local transportation, training documents and catering costs.

Apply by email:

or Scan the QR code to apply

Friendly reminder

After screening and confirming your registration, we will send you an invitation and proceed with the payment of the registration fee. You will be successfully accepted after payment is made.

Accommodation (The price excludes 


Recommended accommodation is Campanile Hotel (Shanghai JingAn)

55-100 U.S. dollars/ night


International Workshop on Business Incubation(IBI)

IBI workshop is sponsored by Shanghai Technology Innovation Center and Shanghai IBI Network (accredited by Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science & Technology of China). IBI workshop is designed for business managers, entrepreneurs, governmental officials and other incubation stakeholders wishing to increase their understanding and know-how of international co-incubation business.

Since its initiation in 1998, IBI workshop has attracted over 500 participants from 30 countries and has been one of the major training programs of AABI (Asian Association of Business Incubation). The workshop sponsors & organizers work closely with innovation actives around the world to deliver the knowledge and experiences on startup accelerating business.


Founded in 1988, Shanghai Technology Innovation Center is a non-profitable public science and technology service organization affiliated to Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality. STIC is responsible for a series of tech-SMEs policy implementation as well as technology transfer services and incubators coordinating. STIC has played as the supporting organization of STBIA (Shanghai Technology Business Incubation Association), the leading organization of Shanghai IBI (International Business Incubator), the coordinating organization of EEN (Enterprise European Network) East China, the secretariat of AABI (Asian Association of Business Incubation).


XNode 创极无限

XNode is an innovation accelerator dedicated to bringing business transformation to entrepreneurs and large corporates. Based in Shanghai, we provide professional localization services while helping them to connect with innovation forces around the world. Not only entrepreneurs and large enterprises, XNode has also established good cooperation with government agencies, academic institutions, investors, both overseas and local incubators and accelerators.

On top of quality co-working spaces, we also build entrepreneurship and innovation community, gather together our incubators and innovative platform partners. These helped people from different languages, cultures and industries to communicate and learn from one another.

By 2018, We have 674 XNoders in our community; accelerated 34 cross-border startups from 4 countries; helped 141 corporate innovators and participated in 37 corporate innovation acceleration projects; generated 40M+ RMB revenue for corporate innovators; 54M+ RMB raised by startups in our programs and reached 97% Net Promoter Score (NPS) on our acceleration programs. 

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我们致力于孵化创意并帮助创业者与企业家们加速发展,让他们与国内外的导师、专家、合作伙伴、投资机构、大企业与其他合作机构紧密连接。我们也在上海的战略腹地提供若干空间,凝聚来自海内外的创业者们在同一个社群中交流分享、合作共赢。 在帮助创业者成长、加速的过程中,我们也把习得的成果用于服务大企业,帮助他们在不断变化的浪潮中稳步向前。我们让大企业与优秀创业者紧密对接、把大企业的创新想法转变为现实、并且提升大企业内部的创业家精神。 同时,我们还在这个平台中深入嫁接学术科研与政府资源,并不断巩固强化与其他资源的整合,期待能够创造出一个真正独一无二的创新生态。

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