2小时学会编写智能合约:ERC721入门 Workshop103: ERC721 basics

Sunday, December 23, 2018 2:30 PM ~ Sunday, December 23, 2018 5:30 PM







本周日workshop 103 详解ERC721 收藏代币落地案例,现场0CMT起拍下图油画!

This time You get to write your own ERC721 smart contract and issue and one of the world ERC721 token! Yay!

这次你可以学会发一个自己的 ERC721合约和独一无二 ERC721的token!✌!

If you l find blockchain too difficult to learn and use, you are missing out something revolutionary! Here’s a meet-up to give a feel for building smart contracts with it. You will learn about the tools, wallets, and basics of programming your first smart contract with Solidity. It’s also a great chance to network with like-minded people. Tiny prior knowledge on blockchain development is needed! 如果您想学习区块链但是迷失于各种资料难以入门,那不要错过我们的智能合约小组的系列活动!我们将带领大家一起 从0到1, 1到100,学习区块链以及智能合约,开发Dapp以及讨论未来可能落地的去中心化应用和blockchain点子。无需区块链开发经验~在此期间,还可以和其他区块链开发爱好者交流心得,共同学习提升~

Please bring your laptop and register an account on github for this meetup.


Entrance time:2:15 pm

签到开始时间: 下午2:15




1. Introduction to Blockchain and Solidity programming language 103 区块链及Solidity智能合约语言快速入门之103

2. Introduction to Ethereum development tools 开发工具介绍

3. Understanding of how ERC-721 tokens work 理解ERC-721 代币工作机制

4. Creating Your Own non-fungible tokens (ERC-721 Tokens) From Scratch on CyberMiles 写出并发布属于自己的收藏代币(ERC-721 Tokens)

5. Game Time: Biding An ERC-721 Token( a real painting) from 0 CMT 游戏时间: 0CMT起拍ERC-721收藏代币及油画真品

Engineer Bio 分享人介绍:


Shenzhun is a sofware engineer and open source contributor. He is a leading contributor to the open source CyberMiles blockchain, as well as other leading blockchain projects. He has 5 years of experience with architecting complex backend systems, machine learning and distributed computing. Shenzhun is an expert in solidity and lity programming.


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Good to know小知识:

For all the money in the world, there are only two types of assets: fungible and non-fungible.对于世界上所有金钱而言,只有两种类型的资产:可互换的和不可互换的。

  • Fungible assets are like US dollars or stock shares. Each unit of it is identical to another unit. Fungibility makes them easy to trade. Yet, they are not “natural” — there are very few things in the real world that is truly fungible..可互换资产类似于美元或股票。每个单位一模一样。可互换性使得它们易于交易。然而,它们不是“自然的” —— 真实世界中真正可互换的东西很少。

  • Real world assets such as houses, factories, loans, bottles of wine, and companies are all different from each other. They are non-fungible真实世界的资产如房屋,工厂,贷款,葡萄酒和公司等,每件都是各不相同的。它们是不可互换的。

Much of the world's 10 trillion USD financial industry is to create fungible securities from underlying non-fungible assets so that they can be traded. Yet, in the analog world of Wall Street securitization, key details of the underlying non-fungible asset could be lost, and cause the entire system to meltdown — case in point is the securitization of subprime housing loans that led to the financial crisis of 2008.球10万亿美元金融业中的大部分都是从潜在的不可替换资产中创造可替换证券,以便交易。然而,在华尔街证券化的模拟世界中,潜在的不可替换资产的关键细节可能会丢失,并导致整个系统崩溃 - 例如导致2008年金融危机的次级住房贷款证券化。

In the brave new world of blockchain-based finance, we aim to make assets digital and programmable. Can we imagine a new way of securitization that preserves and even takes advantage of the non-fungibility of the underlying assets?在区块链金融的崭新世界中,我们致力于将资产变为数字化和可编程的。我们能否想象一种新的证券化形式,可以保留甚至利用基础资产的不可替换性?

The ERC 20 token standard is specifically designed to be fungible, and hence similar to traditional money or securities. ERC 20 tokens can be traded easily, but could also lose key details of the assets they represent.ERC 20token标准(https://theethereum.wiki/w/index.php/ERC20_Token_Standard)特别设计为可互换,因此与传统货币或证券类似。 ERC 20 token可以很容易地进行交易,但也可能会丢失它们代表的资产的关键细节。

Technically, an ERC 20 token contract manages and tracks account balances as a data array. It provides no way to track individual tokens inside an account. Hence the tokens inside an account are all identical and fungible. 从技术上讲,ERC 20 token合同管理和跟踪帐户余额作为数据阵列。它不提供跟踪帐户内个人token的方法。因此,账户中的token都是完全相同且可互换的。











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