TEDxFuxingParkWomen 2017: BRIDGE | TEDx复兴公园2017女性大会:桥

2017年11月3日 18:30 ~ 2017年11月3日 21:30
TEDxFuxingPark (TEDx复兴公园)






2017 Women:Bridge

2017女性大会 :桥

We build them, we cross them, and sometimes we even burn them... at TEDWomen 2017, we will explore the many aspects of this year's theme: Bridges, through curated TED Talks, community dinners and activities throughout one of America's most beloved cities, New Orleans. We are excited to be convening TEDWomen 2017 in the historic Orpheum Theatre in New Orleans, with plans to capture the unique attractions that make this city one of the most visited in the US.

At this time of deep divides and rising global challenges, we will hear TED Talks from entrepreneurs, innovators, artists and activists, thought leaders from business and civil society—bridge builders from around the world.

我们建桥,我们过桥,我们还有时候过河拆桥 ......在TEDxFuxingParkWomen2017大会上,我们将发掘桥的各种含义,值得期待的有8个主题演讲,一次嘉宾(限邀请)晚宴和精彩的茶歇及直播环节。我们很高兴地将在新天地湖畔举办这场活动。这个金秋在上海,我们将和美国同步互动,一起聊聊“桥”的故事。

我们的嘉宾来自各行各业,世界各地,我们将听到创业的故事,革新的力量,艺术的展现,和生动的表演 ...... 还有更多值得期待的精彩表演,茶歇,和聚会,让我们一起来造“桥”。

TEDxFuxingPark is thrilled to have this opportunity to host this year Women event in a great

venue by the lake of Xintiandi,  In Shanghai, we are going to discuss the topic of “Bridge”

with New Orleans folks simultaneously.

Our speaks range from different industries and all over the world. We will hear inspiring

entrepreneur stories, the power of innovation, showcase of morden art and much more

fun in Live performances, tea breaks and afterparties.


TEDx复兴公园女性大会 2017Women  2017年11月03日周五晚
TEDxFuxingParkWomen 2017  Date: Nov 3rd,2017 Friday Night


PWC Innovation center,3F ,HubinRoad

场地:湖滨路168号,无限极荟商场 3F,PWC创意中心

Friday Night, Nov.3rd, 2017  6:30pm - 9:30pm | 2017年11月3日周五晚 6:30pm - 9:30pm


TEDWomen2017 新奥尔良主场 部分讲者介绍

Speaker Highlight TEDWomen from New Orleans

(本环节也会提供同声传译服务,敬请期待。There will be simutanious translation for this live streaming session, enjoy!:) 

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TEDxFuxingParkWomen2017 上海普华永道分场讲者介绍

Speaker Highlight TEDxFuxingParkWomen 2017 

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TEDxFuxingParkWomen2017 表演嘉宾介绍

Peformer Highlight TEDxFuxingParkWomen 2017    




 A senior high school counselor and songwriter.

马子木,留学申请升学指导兼词曲创作人。2016年受邀为“星星的约定”关注自闭症儿童嘉年华创作了主题曲《星星的约定》,凭这首歌获得2016 “中国儿歌榜” “年度最佳公益歌曲奖”。2017年3月2日在台湾地区发行个人首张实验性唱片《曙光》。并为正在筹拍的中国台湾电影《天意之爱》及《童星学院》少儿节目创作主题曲。此次,特意为Bridge主题大会创作了一首英文原创歌曲《For You For Me》。



Zimu(Will)Ma, a senior high school counselor and songwriter. He was invited to compose the theme song for “2016 Appoitment with star Carvinal for concerning about the autism children and won the Annual Best Charity Song in 2016 Chinese Children Award. On March 2, 2017, his first experimental album "dawn"was released in Taiwan distirct. He also composed music for the Taiwanese film "Love of destiny" and the songs of  "Kid Star School" -children's programming. This time, he specifically created an original English song "For You For Me" for 2017 TedX FuxingPark Women.

Tonya Ridgely aka Tbird Luv


 Performer, Musician & Facilitator

Performer, Musician & Facilitator, Tonya Ridgely aka Tbird Luv, is bringing out the artist in all of us. Known as one of the leading contemporary flautist who has developed an enormously diverse way of conveying music through flute and voice, she invented her own style of performance as she integrates vocal counterpoint melodies with extended techniques that sound like bird calls, growls and wind sounds. 


As a Transformative Artist Facilitator, her advocacy in utilizing the arts to create a better humanity awarded her the Arts & Culture Fellowship award from The Rockwood Leadership Institute while her mission to inspire all of us to "make the world a better place" from our unique point of view has taken her to stages such as TEDx SF, Festival Au Desert, The Global Summit, Radiate Living Radio, FEM Talks, Success 3.0, True Colors TV and The WOW Factor Conference of 500 women of wellness. 


Tbird又名Tonya Ridgely,演奏家、音乐人和培训导师,她为我们所有人呈现多元化的艺术。被誉为引领当代“打开心扉”的表演者,她通过长笛和声音发明了一种非常多样化的音乐方式。她创造了自己的表演风格,她将声音对位旋律与扩展技术相结合,她的笛声听起来像鸟鸣、似咆哮、如风吟。

作为一位变革性的艺术家,Tbird获得过罗克伍德领导研究所颁发的艺术和文化奖学金,表彰她在用艺术创造更好的人性方面的宣传。她的使命是激励我们所有人从自己的视角“让世界变得更美好”。她活跃在TEDx SF、节日盟沙漠、全球峰会、Radiate Living电台、FEM Talks、成功3.0、True Colors TV和WOW500名女性健康因素会议等不同的舞台。

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