Le Wagon Digital Talents Job Fair 2018 上海沃耕技术人才招聘会 2018

Saturday, November 24, 2018 1:00 PM ~ Saturday, November 24, 2018 4:00 PM
​ 上海沃耕 Le Wagon Shanghai coding station






NOTE: Register for the Job Fair directly at https://bit.ly/2CQUURV. All tickets ordered via Huodongxing do NOT count as an official registration for the Job Fair. 

​关注:请大家直接在 https://bit.ly/2CQUURV 注册报名。所有通过活动行订购的门票不算正式注册。

// Introduction 简介

At Le Wagon, we are constantly approached by fast-growing companies who are on the look-out for digital talents with the latest tech expertise, as well as individuals looking for high value digital jobs. With a global network of more than 3000 wickedly smart tech professionals, Le Wagon is here to bring both tech companies and talents together to create some tech magic!

We have organized 2 very successful job fairs in 2017 and this year, we'd like to go one better. To date, we have on board with us established companies like Decathlon, Wiredcraft, Strikingly and Ubisoft Shanghai among other fast-growing startups.

Whether you are a software developer, data scientist, or digital marketing expert, many tech job opportunities await you in fast-growing companies.

Come on down and take the next step in your tech career!

// Participating Companies 参与公司

1. Decathlon

2. Ubisoft Shanghai

3. Wiredcraft

4. Strikingly

5. Seedlink

6. Tezign

7. WeWork

8. XNode

9. Udentity

10. Coffee Exchange

11. Miro

12. Property Passbook

13. IT Consultis

14. Mediaman

// Agenda 议程

- Get to know the companies recruiting tech talents
- Interact with HR managers of companies about job requirements and submit CVs directly to HR personnel
- Network with other tech talents looking for job opportunities
- Learn more about the current digital job market with Michael Page
- Learn how to enhance your job interview skills and boost your career prospects with Qalista

// Detailed Schedule 详细时间表

1PM Registration / Start of Job Fair
1:30PM [Talk] How to improve your job interview skills by Qalista
2:15PM [Talk] Current state of the digital jobs market in China by Michael Page
4PM End of Job Fair










​ 上海沃耕 Le Wagon Shanghai coding station

​ 上海沃耕 Le Wagon Shanghai coding station

Le Wagon 是一个为创新型人才和企业家提供的编码培训机构。我们提供的主要项目是一个为期九周的全栈式编程集训营,专为初学者和想继续在编程方面深造,尤其是想要改变自己的思维方式的学习者而设计。9 个集训周。360个小时的代码学习。



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