Ladies Who Tech X 戴姆勒创新孵化器 | 新经济中的科技女性创新动能 Tech Women @ New Economy

Sat, 29 Jun 2019 15:00:00 GMT ~ Sat, 29 Jun 2019 18:00:00 GMT
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Ladies Who Tech


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Ladies Who Tech X 戴姆勒创新孵化器

新经济中的科技女性创新动能 Tech Women @ New Economy




Since 2017, Chengdu has taken the development of new economy and the cultivation of new momentum as the key strategy of urban development. It has taken the lead in putting forward the theory of urban scenarios, and gradually formed a series of new measures and methods to condense innovative wisdom, encourage entrepreneurship, and stimulate creativity, so as to provide continuous endogenous power and innovative vitality for high-quality urban development and sustainable and healthy development.


At the just-concluded 2009 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, Chengdu Science and Technology released Forbes China's "Women's List of Science and Technology in China" to pay tribute to women struggling in the field of science and technology in China. Technology is a key force in the global industrial economy, and technology is often considered a "man's field". But more and more women are using their power to add color to technology.



When diversity becomes the key word to construct the application scenario of urban new economy, gender diversity in the field of science and technology and the current practice and future opportunities of women's innovation and entrepreneurship in science and technology have become the topics of our attention and research.

6月29日,Ladies Who Tech联合戴姆勒创新孵化器在太古里Mercedes Me概念店举行“新经济中的科技女性创新动能”主题沙龙,邀请来自智库、高校、大企业和创业公司的科技女性代表和女性领导者分享其基于亲身实战的真知灼见,为创新创业路上的科技女性、准科技女性以及男同胞们解惑答疑、现场辅导。如何让科技女性助力崛起新经济的动能?新经济格局又会如何赋能科技女性的发展?如何应对这一进程中的挑战和问题,又如何把握这其中的机遇?让我们一起听见、看见、付诸实践!

On June 29, Ladies Who Tech partners with Daimler Innovation Incubator to hold a theme Salon of "Technological Women's Innovation Dynamics in the New Economy" at the Mercedes Me concept store at Tai Koo Li. Tech women representatives and leaders from government, universities, large enterprises and start-up companies are invited to share their insights based on On the Ground experience to answer questions from the audience and provide on-site mentoring. How can women in science and technology help to increase the momentum of the new economy? How will the new economic structure empower the development of women in science and technology? How to deal with the challenges and problems in this process, and how to seize the opportunities? Let's hear it, see it and put it into practice together!



地点:Mercedes Me Store 成都太古里体验店

成都市锦江区中纱帽街 8 号成都远洋太古里 1113c


Date/Time: June 29 19:00-21:00

Address: Mercedes Me Store, Taikoo Li (Chengdu)

L1113c (Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu) No.8 Middle Shamao Street, Chengdu


主题分享 一 KEYNOTE 1


Corporate Innovation and Tech Women


主题分享 二 KEYNOTE 2


Opportunity List for Tech Women at Chengdu New Economy


主题分享 三 KEYNOTE 3


New Economy and Tech Women at Universities


主题分享 四 KEYNOTE 4


 When Startup Meets New Economy and Tech Women


圆桌访谈 PANEL


How gender diversity contributes to innovation and sustainability




Feature startups who are looking for female tech co-founder or senior staff






Speakers & Moderators

靳欣 Jessie Jin


CGO, Lab1886 China, Daimler incubator

赵明潇 Michelle Zhao


Innovation Center iNED

吴迪 Di Wu


Vice Director of Innovation Office, Sichuan University

曾旖慧 Irene Zeng


COO, CoT Network

主持人 Moderator: 冯锦月 Cindy Feng

Ladies Who Tech成都总监

Chengdu Chapter Director, Ladies Who Tech


戴姆勒创新孵化器Lab1886致力于通过商业模式创新,引领汽车出行领域的颠覆式变革。 力图融合成熟公司的行业经验与初创公司的敏捷速度,凭借孵化、加速、连接三大功能,挖掘最具潜力的细分市场和新兴业务,实现从零到一的突破。其主要业务领域包括:城市交通模式创新、消费者出行体验提升、汽车消费模式变革、汽车后市场创新服务、 品牌差异化突破、出行领域跨界实验、企业数字化转型等。

关于Ladies Who Tech

Ladies Who Tech 由从事STEM的女性发起并创立。通过挑战现状并帮助和鼓励更多的女性来发现自己在STEM领域的潜力并参与进来。我们希望提高社会对科技产业女性从业人员缺乏的认识,并帮助公司招聘更多的女性从事STEM行业进而提高公司的多元化。

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