Beijing Balboa Weekend St. Louis Shag课程报名(9月15日)

Sun, 15 Sep 2019 15:00:00 GMT ~ Sun, 15 Sep 2019 16:00:00 GMT
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This is registration for St. Louis Shag. To register for Beijing Balboa Weekend, please follow this link

这里仅用于报名St. Louis Shag课程。如果想要报名参加Beijing Balboa Weekend的课程,请点击这个链接​。 

Teachers: Andreas & Olga (Sweden / Russia)


This is an add-on to Beijing Balboa Weekend. To register for the whole event please follow this link
The St. Louis Shag add-on will be held at the Bricks, 15:00 on September 15, if we reach minimum of 10 participants.

在今年的Beijing Balboa Weekend,我们会有两节St Louis Shag的课。周六舞会之前会有一节试听课,周日下午有一节由Andreas和Olga教学的附加课。Andreas是一位真正的舞蹈达人,精通多种摇摆舞,其中最厉害的是Balboa和St Louis Shag。Andreas在全欧洲活动上经常教St Louis Shag的大师课,同时也在很多比赛上获得过冠军。周日的附加课是一节全级别的课,强烈推荐广大舞友来探索另一种摇摆舞!

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