China Game Developers Conference (CGDC)

2015年7月30日 8:00 ~ 2015年7月31日 16:00
Howell International Trade Fair Limited
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The meeting covers the fields of online game development, console game outsourcing, and mobile games. CGDC also covers the eight technical aspects of game production: game planning, graphic design, programming, operations, sound effects, management, security and testing. Additionally, the Organizational Committee of CGDC arranges lectures so that the sponsors of the conference (they are usually game producers) will have an opportunity to publicize their brands.

The rapid development of China’s game market and business opportunities brought by the massive surge in users in China has attracted the eyes of the world. As a result, China has become an important market for many game enterprises outside China. During this key period of the game industry that is full of opportunity, the priority of the industry development is the rapid improvement of game research and development experts’ technical abilities. CGDC provides business opportunities for foreign game technology research and development enterprises, making CGDC, a high-profile technological exchange event and the ideal exchange platform for domestic and foreign enterprises.

At the 6th CGDC in 2013, 98 guests delivered speeches to a record-breaking 4,590 visitors, pushing the conference to international levels. At the online game exhibition, console game exhibition, mobile game exhibition, future game technology summit and sponsored special exhibitions arranged during the conference, 89 famous speakers from home and abroad were invited to share their opinions and experiences on the eight technical aspects of game production: game planning, operations, music/sound effects, testing, security, programming, graphic design and management, which attracted ears of waves of technical specialists. 

The 7th CGDC will be held from Aug. 1 to 3, 2014. The CGDC Organizing Committee will invite domestic and foreign technical experts from famous game research and development institutions and game enterprises to make speeches on such technical aspects as game planning, production, and research and development. Topics for discussion will focus on sharing game development experience and the innovation and application of new technologies. The conference aims to help Chinese game enterprises and developers learn advanced technologies from each other thereby improving Chinese game producers’ abilities to make original games, enhancing China’s enterprises’ core competitiveness and reinforcing cooperation among enterprises at home and abroad, so as to allow both domestic and international game markets to flourish.










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