Meet-up 广告科技与区块链 Ad Tech and Blockchain

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 19:00:00 GMT ~ Mon, 20 Nov 2017 21:00:00 GMT
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The meet-up will have insightful speech from experts from China and US and Q&A session , focucsing on Ad Tech and Blockchain 

时间: 2017 年11月20日 周一 19:00--21:00

Time:  Monday, 20th Nov, 2017   19:00--21:00


Address: 19 th floor, Huahong Building, 463 Tanggu Road, Hong Kou district 


嘉宾:  前小米研发总监、现中国顶级DSP平台 品有互动 CTO 欧阳辰先生

              Madhive Network CEO Adam Helfgott

           Madhive Network CEO Tom Bollich

Speakers: Ouyang Chen, Former Head of R&D at Xiaomi, CTO of Ipinyou (China’s leading DSP)

               Adam Helfgott  CEO of MAD Network  

            Tom Bollich CTO of MAD Network 





Speech: Staus quo of Ad Tech in China and Blockain's implication 

              Staus quo of Ad Tech in the U.S.

              What Blockchain can bring to Ad Tech

              Madhive's blockchain solution 

MAD网络是一个基于区块链应用程序设计的去中心化的广告技术生态网络,旨哉将中介机构的职能弱化,并将损失的价值返还给广告主和媒体。MAD网络的核心目标是建立一个去中心化的广告工具生态系统,来使广告主和媒体之间的无需信任的交易得以保证。MAD Network 获得了分布式资本和DCG集团的投资。

The MAD Network is a decentralized ad tech ecosystem of blockchain-based applications designed to minimize the role of intermediaries and return lost value to advertisers and publishers. The core objective of the MAD Network is to create an ecosystem of decentralized advertising tools that enable trustless transactions between advertisers and publishers. It is a project backed by Fenbushi Capital and DCG. 

Ipinyou is China's leading DSP(Demand-side Platform), it has a huge market share in China's ad market, and is among the first companies exploring AI and Blockhain solutions.

品有互动是中国最领先的DSP 平台,在中国广告市场占有极大的市场份额。品有互动是中国最先开始思考人工智能和区块链解决方案的广告公司。


Free event. We have good wine and good food, and the insights from the expert.

活动咨询:chris zhou 185 8076 6223

Contacts for events: 18580766223

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