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2015红丝带慈善晚宴 Red Ribbon Gala Dinner 2015

2015/12/01 18:30 ~ 2015/12/01 21:30
上海骄傲节 ShanghaiPRIDE
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    Red Ribbon Gala Dinner Benefits Local HIV/AIDS Organization

    From 2005 to 2010, a few local businesses in Shanghai came together voluntarily to organize the World AIDS Day Gala to raise funds for HIV/AIDS organizations to support the work of creating awareness and education on HIV/AIDS prevention.

    自 2005 年至 2010 年,部分上海本土企业自发组织世界艾滋病日晚宴,为本地的艾滋病组织筹集资金,协助教育并提升公众对艾滋病的防范意识。

    Five years have gone by, despite better medication and care being developed, theHIV/AIDS epidemic continues to be a growing issue. Much still needs to be done to create awareness about prevention.


    This year ShanghaiPRIDE, Q-Events and the Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai have teamed up to organize the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner, held in conjunction with World AIDS Day, involving generous participation of corporations, sponsors, and individualsto raise funds and gather support for a local HIV/AIDS service organization to help and care for people living with HIV/AIDS. It aims to raise the public awareness, tolerance, and acceptance as well as seek help for HIV/AIDS patients and their families.


    The event will be held on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 at 6:30PM. Tickets for the gala dinner are at ¥900 per seat and ¥8,000 per table (10 seats). The Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai will offer an excellent four-course dinner. During the course of the event, there will be performances, keynote speeches, and raffle draw.

    此次活动将于 2015 年 12 月 1 日(周二)晚上 18:30 举行。晚宴公益门票为 900元一人或 8,000 元一桌(十人)。上海凯宾斯基将提供精致的晚宴与服务,届时更有精彩的表演与抽奖。

    Proceeds of the gala will benefit AIDSLIFE Center, a local organization that provides care and counseling for HIV/AIDS patients, raises awareness and support from society, and promotes tolerance and anti-discrimination of the infected.


    Organizers are excited that the gala will bring positive impact to the society in the long run and keen to make this an annual fundraising event to help local HIV/AIDS organization.



    AIDSLIFE Center, founded in March 2006, is an establishment consisting of full-time staff, part-time consultants, and volunteer teams that provides care and counseling for HIV/AIDS patients, raises awareness and support from society, and promotes tolerance and anti-discrimination of the infected.


    Backed by professional consultation of related authorities, AIDSLIFE Center has received technical support from various medical organizations at home and abroad. As a member of ITPC-China, they are devoted to the promotion of epidemic prevention and testing, availability and optimization of treatment, as well as improvement of living conditions for the impacted groups and equality of their rights and interests.


    The funds raised from the Red Ribbon Gala will be used to improve the quality of life of severe AIDS patients at hospitals, such as helping them purchase medication and basic daily necessities.



    ShanghaiPRIDE is an annual week-long festival that celebrates diversity. It was started in 2009 by various organizations. This festival is organized entirely by volunteers with the support of businesses, individuals, and foreign consulates. It also aims to create awareness and promote tolerance for the LGBT community including AIDS/HIVS awareness through various sports, cultural, and social activities.


    Q-EVENTS is an event agency providing total on-ground solutions through creating positive experiences to clients, including parties, outdoor activities, conferences, company events, and exhibitions. They are also dedicated to organizing charity events including ShanghaiPRIDE.


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    For more information:

    Mr. Raymond PHANG 彭智政 先生
    Director of ShanghaiPIRDE
    +86 187 0189 8291

    Ms. Lin TAO 陶霖 女士
    Project Manager of Q-EVENTS. LTD

    +86 138-1820-8747

    Ms. Christina JIANG 江思慧 女士

    Banquet Director of KEMPINSKI
    +86 137 6441 0901

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    上海骄傲节 ShanghaiPRIDE

    上海骄傲节 ShanghaiPRIDE

    上海骄傲节ShanghaiPRIDE是一年一度庆祝多元的庆典,其创办自2009年。活动完全由志愿者运营,获得本地企业赞助、个人资助以及外国领事馆的支持。骄傲节旨在通过丰富多彩的体育、文化、社交活动为LGBTQ等提升自我认同,社会能见度与包容度。6/17~6/26 ~生为平常 I Am Me~