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2015上海骄傲节 骄傲电影节(六,工作坊)ShanghaiPRIDE 2015 Film Festival (6, Workshop)

2015/06/20 14:00 ~ 2015/06/20 18:00
上海骄傲节 ShanghaiPRIDE
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    同志亦凡人是中国唯一一家长期独立制作同志网络视频,通过全面的记录中国同志文化的 展,来提高公众对同志人群的认识和理解。我们通过影像来记录和了解同志社区自我语言的丰富和发展,了解和认识中国同志机构和同志人士他们对中国同志社区发展所做的努力和他们自我成长的故事,通过镜头帮助更多人正确了解和认识自我和他人性与性别的不同。




    Queer Comrades Presents

    ShPFF welcomes Jay Lin (TIQFF) Xiaogang Wei and Jenny Wu (BQFF) for a discussion on the current state and role of queer cinema in China, the international market for Sino-LGBTQ film and what future filmmakers have to offer.


    Screening of short film Magic, followed by filmmaking workshop. (The workshop will be in Chinese)


    Queer University Filmmaking Workshop

    Queer Comrades is China’s only independent long-running LGBT webcast. It produces and broadcasts documentaries and video news items on important developments and issues in the Chinese LGBT movement. Its mission is to document Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender culture in all its aspects in order to inform both the LGBT and the non-LGBT members of Chinese society in a relaxed and u n restrained way on queer culture.


    Basic Ideas in Image Creation Workshop: Everyone deserves to be loved, if you have heard of his or her story. Stories are the best way to eliminate prejudice and barriers among people, while the protagonist would be the perfect storyteller – it avoids ethical dilemmas and fully exemplifies the subjectivity of the creator. Out of these concerns, we hope the workshop can help those who are interested in filmmaking to master the basic ideas of independent creation. If you are interested in creating you own films of story, please join the workshop and discuss what images have to say.

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    上海骄傲节 ShanghaiPRIDE

    上海骄傲节 ShanghaiPRIDE

    上海骄傲节ShanghaiPRIDE是一年一度庆祝多元的庆典,其创办自2009年。活动完全由志愿者运营,获得本地企业赞助、个人资助以及外国领事馆的支持。骄傲节旨在通过丰富多彩的体育、文化、社交活动为LGBTQ等提升自我认同,社会能见度与包容度。6/17~6/26 ~生为平常 I Am Me~