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Mon, 16 Nov 2020 18:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Mon, 16 Nov 2020 20:00:00 GMT+08
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As part of the 14th Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), weHustle is very happy to, once again, host a seminar on the topic of Smart City at 6-8 pm, on November 16th.

在即将到来的第14届创业周 (中国站),weHustle 有幸再次参与,将在11月16日 18点-20点 举行智慧城市座谈会。

  • What is a smart city?

  • What are the challenges for the city of the future and what solutions are needed?

  • What are the technologies that make a smart city smart and innovative?

  • In what ways will city dwellers enjoy a better quality of life and what benefits will a smart city offer them?

  • 什么是智慧城市?

  • 未来城市面临的哪些挑战?需要哪些解决方案?

  • 智慧城市要求哪些必要技术和创新?

  • 城市居民在哪些方面能够享受更高品质生活?智慧城市如何能帮助实现?

and more will be discussed on November 16. Come to join us on the journey to the future, the near future.



18:00-18:15 - registration

18:15-18:30 - Fabien Pfaender, UTSEUS

Assess Shanghai Walkability with Bag of Data, Spatial Analysis, and a Spot of Machine Learning

18:30-18:45 - Mark Perry, Cloudpick

The Future of Retail

18:45-19:00 - Georgina André, Arte Charpentier Architects

Smart Planning and Smart Design

19:00-19:15 - Eric Liu, DIGITWIN Technologies

The Smarter City and How You Benefit

19:15-19:30 - Shannon Shao, HYPERS

Personalized Marketing - Behind the Scene

19:30-19:50 - panel

19:50-20:00 - networking





Fabien Pfaender, PhD (2009) is an associate professor in urban data science. His research focuses on exploring complex urban systems using quantitative methods and interdisciplinary cooperation with data analysis as a common language. Since 2011 he is working for Sorbonne University (UTC) between France and Shanghai (UTSEUS, Shanghai University). His latest project is massive data powered comparative framework of cities in the world. 

UTSEUS Logos 2018_A2-2.png

UTSEUS is a Sino-French Institute in Engineering. It is jointly run by the Universities of Technology in France (UTBM, UTC, UTT) and the University of Shanghai. A multi-disciplinary structure devoted to foundational engineering education, and to research and innovation, UTSEUS has developed with more than 1200 students on average over a year, including its students in Shanghai and in the Universities of Technology.


Mark PerryMSc CASS Business School; Offshore Oil & Gas; Entrepreneur


Cloudpick is a smart retail technology provider based in Shanghai, China. With proprietary computer vision, deep learning, sensor fusion, and edge computing technologies, Cloudpick empowers highly digitized, intelligent, cashier-free stores with a grab-and-go shopping experience. Cloudpick has collaborated with e-commerce companies, traditional retailers, and payment partners worldwide and equips brick-and-mortar stores with streamlined, cost-efficient and technically retrofitted properties that support “new retail” shopping experiences.


Georgina AndréGraduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science and PhD in Geography and Urban design in France and China, Georgina André started her career as a public sector consultant specializing in advising municipalities on the evaluation and evolution of their urban planning documents. She joined Arte Charpentier Architectes in January 2016 and has since participated in research activities and urban projects of the firm, including developing a “smart design” approach to urban development projects. 

Arte Charpentier Architectes long.png

Arte Charpentier Architects is a French architecture, urban & landscape design and interior architecture firm. Since 1969, Arte Charpentier has strived to bring out the best innovation in its expertise for often complex projects, while keeping the human being and its diversity at the heart of its projects. This engagement brings together more than 100 employees of 18 different nationalities, including 20 associates, in our Paris, Lyon and Shanghai agencies. 


Eric Liu has over 16 years of IT experience focused on 3D visualization and human-computer interactive technologies, including Virtual and Augmented Reality. During his tenure at NVIDIA in Silicon Valley, he worked with the world’s largest hardware and video game developers to define the future of computer graphics and GPU technologies. In 2015, Eric moved to Shanghai and saw the need for advancing digital twin technologies in the smart city and smart manufacturing industries. Today, DIGITWIN Technologies is at the forefront of the spatial computing revolution.

logo-竖_工作區域 1 複本 4.png

DIGITWIN Technologies is a high-tech company dedicated to the field of real-time 3D simulation and human-computer interaction. Based on the deep integration of cutting-edge hardware, photo-realistic visual rendering, and the core capability of unlimited 3D virtual scenarios, we combine AI, Big Data, IoT, 5G, and industry-specific data-formats into 3D virtual spaces to bridge the physical world with the digital worlds. We provide high-quality Digital Twin solutions, products, and technologies for our customers in Smart Cities, Aerospace, Maritime, Manufacturing, Education and Training industries.

Headquartered in Shanghai, DIGITWIN has branch offices in Beijing, Henan, Russia, Singapore and Silicon Valley to establish a complete service network, catering to the growing customer demand for new and innovative digitalization solutions.


Graduated from the University of Michigan. Rich experience in big data platforms solution consulting and digital marketing solution planning. Worked directly with enterprises and agencies to design and execute end-to-end platforms for consumer insight and activation driven by big data.


In this digital era with data explosion, HYPERS is dedicated to helping enterprises move fast during the digital transition to achieve the new customer-relationship-based strong tie model that integrates cloud computing, big data, and smart devices. Meanwhile, HYPERS provides enterprise services including consulting, development, infrastructure deployment, operation maintenance, and technical supports that are relevant to big data technology and products, which empowers enterprises to drive growth in the competitive market.

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Theophile is a leader with the Schindler China Group with 10+ years of Manufacturing Experience across different B2B entities in China. Prior to working in China Theophile had various positions in multi nationals in Pakistan, Mauritius, and Europe.


The Schindler Group is a leading global Elevator and Escalator Manufacturer.


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weHustle is an innovation platform. Our mission is to foster the highest quality pool of innovators in China. To achieve this, we connect like-minded professionals with international backgrounds who are passionate about innovation and technology in startups, scaleups, or corporates. 


Looking for opportunities to reach out to investors in China? Calling for startups to join us on 25th November for the Smart City Startup Pitch Vol 2 jointly organized by weHustle, InnoSpace, and SITM! Selected startups will get the opportunity to pitch to investors and tap into InnoSpace’s and SITM's network. 


Nov 25, 3pm-5pm, GMT+8. Zoom.png

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weHustle 的使命是培养中国最高质量的创新者人才库。为了达到这个目标,我们致力于连结志趣相投的国际创新爱好者们,并为充满热情的进取青年提供平台,让他们能够加速个人成长,并于其他创业者,成长企业以及大企业有机会进行对接。weHustle的本质是,在中国倡导创业精神,为国际创新社群提供服务的平台

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