TECOM Hangzhou 2023: Innovation Made Green 绿色创新

Sat, 02 Dec 2023 09:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Sat, 02 Dec 2023 17:00:00 GMT+08


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    Hangzhou gets ready to paint the town green with TECOM Hangzhou 2023. With an exciting theme 'Innovation Made Green,' this is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of sustainable technology! As China surges forward with its ambitious Dual Carbon targets of 30/60, industries are prepping themselves to accelerate this momentum. We have given the green light to visionary founders, industry leaders, and experts shaping a planet-friendly future to take center stage for enlightening panel discussions and keynote speeches. Come curious and leave inspired. Find that elusive piece of technology, make that business connection, or sharpen your green tech skills that will help you and your business get closer to achieving those climate goals.

    杭州的伙伴们,准备好和TECOM Hangzhou 2023共同为这座城市点亮绿色。本届大会的主题是 "绿色创新",一起置身于可持续发展技术的世界吧!随着中国雄心勃勃地提出 30/60 双碳目标,各行各业都在为加快这一势头做好准备。我们为具有远见卓识的创始人、行业领袖和专家开启绿色通道,让他们站在舞台中央,就如何塑造一个对地球友好的未来,进行启发性的主题演讲和圆桌讨论。希望你携好奇而来,带灵感而去。找到行业崭新的技术,建立业务联系,或提高你的绿色技术技能,帮助你和你的企业更接近实现气候目标。



    How can our planet thrive with technology in mind? Three brilliant panel discussions will take centre stage, covering various trending topics to answer this crucial question.


    If you're hungry for knowledge on how technology can shape the future of food, join the first session of the day - the Food Tech panel! Wondering about the future of clean energy? Be part of the buzz at the Clean Energy Panel and explore cutting-edge technologies driving a greener, more sustainable world. Curious about implementing green technologies in your corporation or lifestyle? Join the promising Green Visionary panel, which shall explore recent changes in sustainability from the lineup of eco-friendly entrepreneur’s perspectives.

    如果你渴望了解技术如何塑造食品的未来,请参加今天的第一场会议--食品科技圆桌讨论!想知道清洁能源的未来?参与清洁能源圆桌讨论,探索推动世界更环保、更可持续发展的尖端技术。对在公司或生活方式中采用绿色技术感到好奇?加入充满希望的 "绿色远见者 "小组,在这里我们将深入探讨实用的见解。


    Interactive and hands-on eco focused workshops await! Four dynamic facilitators will guide attendees through a whirlwind of green tech-related ideas, igniting that planet-friendly spark of inspiration for businesses and consumers.


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    Are you curious to meet 2023’s top eco-pioneers and sustainable solvers? Well, TECOM Hangzhou is your chance to network with innovators that are pursuing sustainability and creating a positive impact for us all. 

    你是否很想认识 2023 年的顶尖生态先锋和可持续发展的问题解决者?那么,TECOM 杭州大会将是你与追求可持续发展并为我们所有人创造积极影响的创新者进行交流的好机会。

    Date and Time: 2nd December 2023 10:00 - 17:00

    日期和时间:2023年12月2日 10:00 - 17:00


    Address: 30-31F, 233 Yonghui Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou




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