联合国可持续发展目标#3 移动医疗解决方案 Mobile Health Solutions for the United Nations

Fri, 24 Aug 2018 19:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Fri, 24 Aug 2018 22:30:00 GMT+08
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You might have noticed that we’ve hosted several events about SDGs(SustainableDevelopment Goals) here at Chaihuo x.factory. We believe through open source and community collaboration, there will be innovative solutions for global issues. If you feel the same, welcome to join us at x.factory for the upcoming SGD event on August 24th, which is about solutions/projects for SDG 3: Healthy Lives and Well-Being for All at All Ages.

你可能也有关注到我们在柴火造物中心举办了不少关于联合国可持续发展目标的活动。因为我们相信开源以及社区的合作能够有助于创意方案的产生。如果你也这么认为的话,欢迎来参加8月24日晚柴火造物中心的分享会:聚焦第3个可持续发展目标 - 适合所有年龄段的人的健康生活和幸福


The solutions/projects came out from the 2018 edition of the SDG Summer School, which isa part of the Geneva Tsinghua Initiative, a partnership between Tsinghua University and University of Geneva in Switzerland for the UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).



Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative 日内瓦清华大学合作项目 

The SDG Summer School focuses on team-based problem solving and hands-on prototype development in the field of mobile health(m-health).It’s run in collaboration with Be He@lthy, Be Mobile, a joint program between the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the World Health Organization (WHO), two agencies of the United Nations that are headquartered in Geneva. 

本期暑期学校通过团队协作和开发原型的方式为移动医疗领域提供项目与解决方案,合作伙伴是Be He@lthy, Be Mobile,它是国际电信联盟(ITU)和世界卫生组织(WHO)联合发起的合作项目。

 SDG - 3.jpeg

During the SDG Summer School, participants explore how open data, crowdsourcing technologies, and low-cost open source hardware solutions can be used to gather the data needed to tackle some of the key challenges in the field of non-communicable diseases, hence providing possible solutions or for SDG 3: Healthy Lives and Well-Being for All at All Ages.


Summer School 2016 .png

2016年SDG暑期学校深圳站开放日 SDG Summer School Open Day in 2016

The SDG Summer School is a two-month-long adventure across the globe. The school kicked off in July with two weeks in Geneva, followed by four weeks of work in collaboration with the United Labs for the Global Goals. The SDG Summer School ends with two weeks in Beijing and Shenzhen, where participants are exploring ways to manufacture and scale their solutions in China, and around the world.


Summer School 2017.png

2017年SDG暑期学校深圳站开放日 SDG Summer School Open Day in 2017

During the event on August 24th, 6 projects from the SDG Summer School will be presented. Let’s a a preview of these projects. 


 Projects Intro  项目简介 

 Yes Helmet 

Yes Helmet.png

Incentivising helmet use among bicyclists through a mobile app that uses machine learning to classify images with helmets. 


 MotoSafe Industries 

MotoSafe Industries.png

Creating affordable and non-distracting technology to increase motorcycle safety.


 A CleanAir Greece 

A CleanAir Greece.png

Using crowdsourcing to map non-compliance with smoke-free laws in public places.


 At Your Cervix 

At Your Cervix.png

Helping prevention and early detection of cervical cancer through collaboration with menstrual tracking mobile apps.




Gathering data and developing solutions to improve feminine hygiene in public places.




Low cost imaging system that uses AI to provide rapid detection of potential eye diseases.


Welcome to join us on August 24th evening, to learn about these solutions and explore opportunities to cooperate! 


 Event Info 


Time: 19:30 - 21:30, August 24th(Friday),2018

Place: Chaihuo x.factory (B608,Design Commune, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen)

时间:2018年8月24日(周五)19:30 - 21:30



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