Ladies Who Tech Founders Series Chengdu: Diversity Rocks New Retail

Fri, 27 Sep 2019 18:30:00 GMT ~ Fri, 27 Sep 2019 21:30:00 GMT
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Ladies Who Tech Founders Series 成都首秀


Diversity Rocks New Retail


In the first half of 2019, high-level conferences on new retailing, such as the Global New Retail Summit in 2019 and the China New Retail and Intelligent Logistics Summit Forum, have been held in succession in various locations, attracting people from all walks of life to draw attention to the new retail industry, and discuss and exchange the development and future of new retailing.


9月27日,Ladies Who Tech聚焦新零售,在成都举行一场以“Diversity Rocks New Retail”为主题的Founder Series(创始人系列)活动。

Founder Series是Ladies Who Tech王牌活动之一,已经成功在北京上海多次举行。通过关注女性创始人在科技行业的创新创业经历,使人们意识到性别多元化和包容性对于创新、创业的作用,尤其是科技女性的推动力及影响力,并通过导师与创业女性一对一交流的形式,分享技术、运营、法律等多方面的创业经验与经历。Founder Series活动主旨鲜明、充满活力,落地以来受到许多科技女性男性、尤其是科技创业女性和男性的欢迎。

Ladies Who Tech brings the topic of "Diversity Rocks New Retail" to the first Founders Series event in Chengdu on 27-September. The Founder Series is one of Ladies Who Tech's signature events, which has been successfully held in Beijing and Shanghai.

By focusing on the innovative and entrepreneurial experiences of women founders in STEM industries, participants will be introduced to the impact of gender diversity in innovation and entrepreneurship. Through one-to-one communication between mentors and women entrepreneurs, they can share their innovations in technology, operations and policies.


Ladies Who Tech “创始人系列2019 中国20:25愿景”活动


Ladies Who Tech “创始人系列” WeWork Labs活动

过去的六个月以来,Ladies Who Tech在成都举办了一系列活动,包括携手蔚来汽车开展“你与汽车科技的未来”活动,与戴姆勒创新孵化器共同策划并举办的“双创中国行”成都活动,为西南片区的科技企业带来关于性别多元化与包容性的全新视角,并为该片区的科技女性提供了一个充分探讨科技女性力量及交流分享的平台。

Over the past six months, Ladies Who Tech has held a series of activities in Chengdu, including "The Future of Automotive Science & Technology and You" with NIO and bringing gender diversity for technology enterprises in Southwest China with Daimler Innovation Incubators. The Founders Series provides a platform for women in STEM to fully explore the power of women of STEM and to network and share.


Ladies Who Tech成都与蔚来汽车举办“你与汽车科技的未来”活动

mmexport1567995688300.jpgLadies Who Tech成都与戴姆勒创新孵化器举办“双创中国行”活动

锁定你的时间,欢迎与我们共同见证:“多元化点亮新零售” 暨 LWT成都半周岁欢聚派对

Mark your calendar and join us: "Diversity Rocks New Retail" and Ladies Who Tech Chengdu Half-Year Party



Time: Friday, 27-September-2019, 18:30-21:30

Location: WeWork, No. 31, 4th Floor, Zhongfu Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu


This event is open to men and women to participate.

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