ROBOTICS + AI --- How Robots Become an Integral Part of Our Society "机器人+人工智能--机器人如何成为我们社会不可分割的一部分"

Mon, 13 Jan 2020 09:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Mon, 13 Jan 2020 11:30:00 GMT+08
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Startup Grind 北京


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Startup Grind Beijing presents



How Robots Become an Integral 

Part of Our Society

Over the last decade, robotics and AI have differed the way we work, while adding never-before-seen value to our society. In our smart world, technology helps humans make more intuitive decisions. 


Artificial intelligence can be as astute as our own brains. Yet, dissecting the benefits of AI in certain industries is old news. It may have arrived on the scene quietly, but artificial intelligence is well and truly here and it’s already shaking up certain industries. 


What we talk about


Join us on Monday, January 13th for an interactive session with top innovators in the robotics field to discuss about the latest developments in digital technology. We are happy to have invited experts from two exciting Startups sharing their insights into areas like robotic solutions in last-mile logistics and how important for modern society it is to demystify stereotypes about this exciting topic from an educational point of view.


• What are the latest developments in digital technology?

• 数字技术的最新发展是什么?

• How AI is driving performance gains in logistics?


• How to make robots, use them in daily lives, and connect       with others?

• 如何制造机器人,在日常生活中使用它们,并与他人联系?



09:30 Registration 签到

09:45 Introduction of Startup Grind, Innoway 介绍创业磨坊 

10:00Sharing Session 嘉宾分享

Sharing session I: Met Li - Co-Founder of Zhen Robotics 

Sharing session II: Sotiris - Founder of Popular Robotics

10:30 Panel Discussion 专题讨论: "Robotics + AI--How Robots Become an Integral Part of Our Society" "机器人+人工智能--机器人如何成为我们社会不可分割的一部分"

11:00 Q&A  问答环节

11:30 Networking and End of event 社交,活动结束

Date: January 13th, 2020 (Monday)

日期: 2020年1月13日(周一)

Time: 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM

时间: 上午9:30至上午9:00

Venue: Innoplanet, Zhongguancun Chuangye Street, Building 6, Floor 1, Haidian District 


Language: The event is held in English

活动语言: 语言为英语

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About the Speakers


Sotiris Stasinopoulos

Founder, CEO at Popular Robotics

Sotris is the founder of Popular Robotics, he's been in the Robotics and AI field for more than ten years now, both in the academic field while completing his Robotics Ph.D. in the Automation Department of Tsinghua University and working in the robotics industry in China. 

Sotris 是 Popular Robotics的创始人,他在机器人和人工智能领域已经工作了十多年,在清华大学自动化系完成机器人博士学位的同时,他还在中国的机器人行业工作。

Met Li

Co-founder at Zhen Robotics

Met is Co-founder of Zhen Robotics. He is focusing on hardware innovation, integrate resources to create game-changing applications. Met started his career founding AppleHere, a leading website providing up-to-date information about trading Apple's products including iPhone and iPad with more than 10,000 visitors within a month. 

Met Zhen Robotics 的联合创始人。他专注于硬件创新,整合资源来创建改变游戏规则的应用程序。Met 的职业生涯始于创建 AppleHere,这是一个领先的网站,提供有关苹果产品(包括iPhone和iPad)交易的最新信息,一个月内访客就超过了1万人。

In addition to his career, he is the founder of Ourfb, an innovative company, which turns intangible facebook photograph memories to tangible products. He has lived and worked in the UK, Hong Kong, and China and he was selected to be one of the 15 delegates representing China for G20 YEA in Argentina.


About the Host



Innoway, German Innovators, Startup Grind &


Jelte is Senior Manager at Zhongguancun Innoway, a Chinese state-owned company, and landmark for entrepreneurship in China, overseeing the corporate innovation segment and is further involved in government-to-government relations and other international projects.


Additional to his role at Innoway, Jelte is leading as chapter director of the activities of Startup Grind Greater China. Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs and is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.


Jelte sits in the innovation council of some Fortune 500 companies and acts as a Mentor for corporate Acceleration programs. He has over 10 years of Asia experience, living and working in China alone for over 5 years. He has a strong background in strategic advisory for Startups, multinational enterprises, as well as Fortune 500 companies.


Our Venue Sponsor


The Administrative Committee of ZGC Science Park and Innoway jointly launched the ZGC Global Youth Lab. ZGC Global Youth Lab is targeted at international youth with the willingness of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chinese market and with the intention to come to China. It aims to attract more and more international talents to China by providing a series of service support through Innoway and by constantly upgrading and optimizing policies.


About CMS

Ranked as a Top 10 Global Law Firm, CMS can work for you in 40+ countries and 70+ offices worldwide. 4,500+ CMS lawyers offer you business-focused advice tailored to your needs, whether in your local market or across multiple jurisdictions. 

作为全球排名前10的律师事务所,CMS可以在40多个国家和70多个办事处为您服务。4500 + CMS的律师能为您提供量身定制的商务咨询,无论是在本地市场或是不同司法管辖区。

‘Your World First’ is our promise to you. This means we are client-centric, have world vision and are performance-driven.


Client-centric - Being immersed in the industry sectors our clients operate in is at the heart of what we do.  Our business is structured according to the industries our clients work in, delivering technically excellent lawyers who talk your language.


About AHK Greater China

AHK Greater China is part of the German Chambers of Commerce Worldwide Network (AHK) which includes 130 offices in 90 countries. With our five main offices and seven supporting offices in Greater China and Germany, we focus on trade and investment between these two regions. We also support our 3,100 members' business interests through the comprehensive services provided by our business & investment, and membership platforms.Under the brand 'DEinternational', our organisation is not only the first contact point for German companies deciding to enter the Chinese market and for Chinese companies entering the German market, but also a provider of a wide range of customised advice and services.

AHK Greater China 是德国商会全球网络 (AHK) 的一部分,在90个国家设有130个办事处。我们在中国和德国设有5个主要办事处和7个支持办事处,专注于这两个地区之间的贸易和投资。通过商务投资、会员平台等综合服务,支持3100名会员的商业利益在“DEinternational”品牌下,我们的组织不仅是决定进入中国市场的德国公司和进入德国市场的中国公司的第一个接触点,而且还提供广泛的定制咨询和服务。

About Popular Robotics

Popular Robotics is an innovative tech start-up with the mission to help people adapt to this new era, come closer to robots of all kinds, and share their experiences with others. We are building the most innovative and creative community of influential technology pioneers.

Popular Robotics 是一家创新型科技初创企业,其使命是帮助人们适应这个新时代,走近各种机器人,并与他人分享他们的经验。我们正在打造最具创新和创造力的技术先锋社区。

Popular Robotics aims to make robotics accessible to everyone mainly targeting teenagers and young adults and to empower the robotics community. Through our online, engaging and real-world task-based educational material, beginners to advanced users can gain knowledge about how to assemble and program robots that can be used in real life situations.  And that can be done within a classroom or from the convenience of your living room in a fun and interactive way

Popular Robotics 的目标是让每个人都能使用机器人,主要是青少年和年轻人,并增强机器人社区的力量。通过我们的在线,参与和现实世界的任务为基础的教育材料,初学者到高级用户可以获得如何组装和编程机器人可以在现实生活中使用的知识。这可以在教室里完成,也可以在你的客厅里以一种有趣和互动的方式完成。

About Zhen Robotics


Zhen Robotics offered the last mile solution for delivery, invested by Tsinghua University and PlugAndPlay, dedicated to empowering all industries and leading human progress with leading mobile robotics technology.


About Startup Grind


Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 600 cities in 125 countries. We nurture startup ecosystems through events, media, and partnerships with organizations like Google for Startups.

创业磨坊是一个教育、启发并连接企业家的全球性独立创业社区。通过举办活动、媒体传播以及与Google for Startups等组织的合作,我们在全球125个国家、超过600个城市推动当地创业生态系统的进一步完善,为2000000位创业者提供帮助。

The cornerstone of our community are the monthly events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2010, Startup Grind has helped millions of entrepreneurs find mentorship, connect to partners and hires, pursue funding, and reach new users.

每个月我们都会邀请到北京具有影响力的企业创始人、创新者、教育者以及投资人来参加我们的活动,和大家分享他们的个人故事以及他们在创业道路上所得到的经验和教训。从2010在硅谷创立,Startup Grind已经成功帮助数以百万计的创业家与导师、合作伙伴、新雇员建立联系,找到投资资金和新用户。

We are very proud to receive global support from Google For Startups. We are also very thankful to all our local media partners, venue sponsors, F&B partners to support us in organizing our events. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to us!

对于来自Google for Startups 的全球性支持我们感到很自豪和骄傲,我们也很感谢我们所有在本土的媒体合作伙伴、场地支持伙伴、食品饮品支持伙伴对我们一直以来的支持和帮助。如果你对成为我们的支持伙伴有兴趣,请联系我们!

Our Team


Our events are powered by a team of volunteers, each with a day job, and with the passion to create a stronger entrepreneurship community in Beijing. Please don't hesitate to reach out to anyone if you have any questions!



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