How AI shapes our lives | AI如何改变我们的日常生活

Thu, 08 Nov 2018 18:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Thu, 08 Nov 2018 21:30:00 GMT+08
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 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing faster than ever. Transforming industries and driving billion-dollar investments globally, not only is it the center of most innovations, it’s also the center of most conversations. Its development seems obvious and visible, but often it takes subtle and invisible forms and its impact is profound: It will reinvent the way we live and interact with the world. 


This event is tailored for Startups or professionals working in AI or related innovative fields. We have invited a group of over 50 AI experts from Germany & China, representing different Government organizations, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Academia. You can mingle and network with AI innovators from global players like Siemens, Intel, Munich Re, BMW or Wacker Chemie.

In his keynote speech Dr. Andreas Liebl will share the goals of the "German Delegation to Beijing on applied Artificial Intelligence" and their impressions of their AI journey in China.


Come to our event on the 8th of November jointly organised with AHK Greater China, Beijing

and learn about "How AI shapes our daily lives - Differences between Germany and China?".


We will cover the following key topics: 


1.    Where is AI currently used in both Germany and China, what is the overall perception in these countries of technological breakthroughs, and how is the regulatory system supporting the emergence of these innovations?


2.    What are unmet potentials and how can China and Germany more effectively collaborate on the development of AI solutions?


3.    What are the standpoints of experts from Startups, Governments, Investors and Talents towards a joint effort between China and Germany on AI development.






Andreas Liebl博士在他的主题演讲中将分享“德国赴北京应用人工智能代表团”的目标以及他们对此次中国人工智能之行的印象。











About the Speaker



CEO Artisense


Andrej Kulikov, a serial entrepreneur, leads Artisense, determining the company’s strategic direction and managing growth. Before founding Artisense, Andrej has served in the automotive industry for over 15 years. He is a technical expert with key insights and high business acumen in autotech, data science, connected and automated vehicles, IT security, and AR/VR technologies.

Andrej Kulikov,一个连续的创业者,领导Artisense,决策公司的战略方向和管理企业增长。在创立Artisense之前,Andrej已经在汽车行业服务了超过15年。他是一位技术专家,在汽车技术、数据科学、连接和自动化车辆、IT安全和AR/VR技术方面具有深入的洞察力和高度的商业敏锐度。


Postdoc researcher and tech entrepreneur

Dr. Yaoli Wang is a postdoc researcher at Spatio-Social Sensing Lab of Peking University in spatial computing and smart mobility domain. Her research interest includes using maching learning assisted methods for travel behaviour mining, heuristics for high performance computing, and future transportation algorithm design.

Yaoli is also the CEO and cofounder of Xiangju, a research-based startup building functional tools for time scheduling and O2O resource matching.





Head of Digital at Sandoz International GmbH


André is an experienced startup executive, business and sales manager, leader, and strategist. He is an expert in inside and field sales management, pharmaceutical and medical products marketing and sales, commercial strategy planning, and healthcare topics. He has extensive knowledge in B2B and B2C business, software and hardware product portfolios and offerings in the US and Germany. His passion for the impact technology can have on a large scale has been the red thread throughout his career. André holds doctorates from the University of Würzburg in medicine and the University of Freiburg in dental medicine.

Andre 是一位经验丰富的初创公司执行官、业务和销售经理、领导者和战略家。他擅长内外部销售管理、医药和医疗产品营销和销售、商业战略规划和医疗保健领域。他在B2B和B2C业务,以及美国和德国在软件和硬件的产品组合有广泛的知识和经验。他对技术所能带来的冲击和影响有很大的热情。Andre博士拥有维尔茨堡大学医学博士和弗赖堡大学牙科医学博士学位。


Director of Collaboration and Strategy at Intel Labs China


Patricia Wang is Director of Collaboration and Strategy at Intel Labs China and undertaking a Ph.D. She focuses on personal service robot, visual computing and human-machine interaction. She is global ambassador of Intel master branding 2015. Further, she won Intel China Award 2017, Intel Academy Award 2013, Employee of Year 2010, Best Innovation Award, Best Wireless Application and Best Technology Award at CES 2014. Patricia graduated from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China where she majored in Computer Science.

Patricia Wang 是英特尔实验室中国合作与战略总监,博士学位。她专注于个人服务机器人、视觉计算和人机交互。她是英特尔品牌2015的全球大使。此外,她还获得了英特尔中国奖2017、英特尔学院奖2013、年度员工奖2010、最佳创新奖、“国际消费类电子产品展览会”2014的最佳无线应用和最佳技术奖。Patricia 毕业于清华大学,主修计算机科学。

Key Note Speaker



Managing Director at UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH and Head of appliedAI Initiative


Andreas Liebl is managing director of UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH and is responsible for the development of the appliedAI Initiative with partners such as Google, Siemens and BMW. With around 30 partners, the initiative is already one of the largest initiatives in Europe in the field of applied artificial intelligence. Before joining UnternehmerTUM, he worked at McKinsey for five years and at the same time received his doctorate from the Chair of Entrepreneurship at the Technical University of Munich. In his doctoral thesis he accompanied 120 start-ups for one year and investigated their corporate culture and identity.

Andreas Liebl是UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH的董事总经理,负责与谷歌、西门子、宝马等合作伙伴共同开发应用人工智能计划。该倡议作为欧洲应用人工智能领域最大的倡议之一,已联合30+合作伙伴。在加入UnternehmerTUM之前,他在麦肯锡工作了五年,同时获得了慕尼黑技术大学创业学主席的博士学位。在博士论文中,他陪伴了120家初创企业一年,调查了他们的企业文化和身份。

About the Host



Senior Manager Corporate Innovation at Innoway and Director of Startup Grind Beijing       


Jelte is Senior Manager at Zhongguancun Innoway, a Chinese state-owned company andlandmark for entrepreneurship in China, overseeing the corporate innovation segment and isfurther involved in government-to-government relations and other international projects.

Additional to his role at Innoway, Jelte is leading as chapter director the activities of StartupGrind in Beijing – which is currently the most active chapter in the world. Startup Grind is aglobal startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs and ispowered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

Jelte sits in the innovation council of some Fortune 500 companies and acts as Mentor forCorporate Acceleration programs. He has over 10 years of Asia experience, living and workingin China alone for over 5 years. He has a strong background in strategic advisory for Startups,multinational enterprises, as well as Fortune 500 companies.









18:00 pm 签到 Registration and Food & Beverages

19:00 pm 介绍创业磨坊 Introduction Startup Grind

19:10 pm 主题演讲Andreas Liebl博士 Keynote speech Dr. Andreas Liebl 

19:30 pm 路演环节 初创公司 Pitching Session Startups

20:00 pm 小组讨论 Panel discussion with Andrej Kulikov, Yaoli Wang, Andre Heeg and Patricia Wang

20:45 pm 问答环节 Q&A

21:00 pm 社交 Networking

21:30 pm 活动结束 End of event

Time: November 08th, 18:00 pm - 21:30 pm

时间:11月8日,18:00 到 21:30


NakedHUB, 3F, East Gongxiao Building, 28 Guandongdian Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Language: The event is held in English with Chinese Translation

活动语言: 活动语言为英语,现场提供中文翻译


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关于创业磨坊 About Startup Grind

创业磨坊是一个教育、启发并连接企业家的全球性独立创业社区。通过举办活动、媒体传播以及与Google for Entrepreneurs等组织的合作,我们在全球120个国家、超过400个城市推动当地创业生态系统的进一步完善,为1500000位创业者提供帮助。

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 1,500,000 entrepreneurs in over 400 cities in 120 countries. We nurture startup ecosystems  through events, media, and partnerships with organizations like Google for Entrepreneurs.

每个月我们都会邀请到北京具有影响力的企业创始人、创新者、教育者以及投资人来参加我们的活动,和大家分享他们的个人故事以及他们在创业道路上所得到的经验和教训。从2010在硅谷创立,Startup Grind已经成功帮助数以百万计的创业家与导师、合作伙伴、新雇员建立联系,找到投资资金和新用户。

The cornerstone of our community are the monthly events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2010, Startup Grind has helped millions of entrepreneurs find mentorship, connect to partners and hires, pursue funding, and reach new users.

对于来自Google for Entrepreneurs的全球性支持我们感到很自豪和骄傲,我们也很感谢我们所有在本土的媒体合作伙伴、场地支持伙伴、食品饮品支持伙伴对我们一直以来的支持和帮助。如果你对成为我们的支持伙伴有兴趣,请联系我们!

We are very proud to receive global support from Google For Entrepreneurs. We are also very thankful to all our local media partners, venue sponsors, F&B partners to support us in organizing our events. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to us!

我们的团队 Our Team


Our events are powered by a team of volunteers, each with a day job, and with the passion to create a stronger entrepreneurship community in Beijing. Please don't heistate to reach out to anyone if you have any questions!

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