Wonderland of Pan Fan 游乐园—潘璠,Dance of Shadows 影子之舞 杜晴 双个展

Sat, 13 Jul 2019 15:00:00 GMT ~ Sun, 01 Sep 2019 19:00:00 GMT
Limited 1000
Great Art Space 宏艺空间


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艺术家潘璠和杜晴在深圳的双个展《游乐园》《影子之舞》将于7月13日在GREAT ART SPACE NO.4开幕。此次展览集中展示两位艺术家的最新创作,展览将持续到9月1日。


杜晴,1987年生于山西洪洞,2012年毕业于西安美术学院油画系。现工作生活于西安。杜晴的作品都是以女性为视角,从女性的意识出发。她们都很普通,并不完美,她们怪异 笨拙 敏感 孤独 疏离,但都很用力地活。从最初的青春卡通到被生活洗礼的孕妇,都是一具具脆弱的灵魂跟被伤害的身体。作品流露出的不安感,是对于现代性下人性迷雾和对于生存本身的不断确认。



地点:GREAT ART SPACE 宏艺空间(深圳福田区深南大道1003号1楼)

GREAT ART SPACE cordially invites you to the opening of "Wonderland of Pan Fan" and Dance of Shadows Du Qing Joint Solo Exhibition. This is the first solo exhibition of Pan Fan and Du Qqing in Shenzhen and will last till 1st Sep.

Pan Fan was born in Shanghai and now works and lives in Shanghai. Born into an artistic family. Her father is a sculptor in Shanghai. From childhood, she was edified in art enlightenment education. After studying in Shanghai Xingzhi Art Normal School in senior high school, she went to the Oil Painting Department of Shanghai University Academy of Fine Arts. Later, she studied at Tomo University of Fine Arts in Japan. After graduation, she became a professional artist. Pan uses comprehensive materials, graffiti style of color to express the fun of life.

Du Qing was born in Shanxi and now works and lives in Xi'an. She graduated from Oil Painting Department at Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. From a female perspective, the artworks of Du Qing incarnate the consciousness of women. They are ordinary and imperfect, they are bizarre, clumsy, sensitive, lonely, and detached, yet they keep hanging on for life. From the earliest vivid cartoons to the pregnant woman who has been through vicissitudes, the fragile souls and damaged bodies emerge upon the canvas. In these works, the uneasiness revealed continually confirms the modern myth of humanity, and existence itself. The spiritual value, hosted by women, should transcend the gender and get closer to its essence.

部分潘璠展览作品 Pan Fan's Works in the exhibition



部分杜晴展览作品 Du Qing's Works in the exhibition





Wonderland of Pan Fan 游乐园—潘璠个展

Dance of Shadows 影子之舞 杜晴 双个展

开幕时间:2019/7/13, 3-5pm


展览地点:GREAT ART SPACE 宏艺空间(深圳福田区深南大道1003号1楼)

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Great Art Space 宏艺空间

Great Art Space 宏艺空间

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