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Sat, 14 Nov 2020 14:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Sat, 14 Nov 2020 17:00:00 GMT+08
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Ladies Who Tech & Design Your Life

每个设计作品的诞生都源于生活中的一个问题,而设计师们致力于以设计来提供解决方案。那么我们的人生该怎么设计呢?斯坦福大学有一门人生设计课,以及后来衍生书 《Design Your Life》非常火爆,就用设计思维的理念来研究人生这个产品。

Every design starts with a problem that a designer or team of designers seeks to solve.  Then how do we design our lives?  In Stanford University, a very popular course - Design Your Life, was developed and subsequently published into a book of the same name.  The unique feature of this course or book is using design thinking to study and design our own lives as a unique product. 


资深培训师、顾问Dora Qingsong Ke & Julia Schippers结合斯坦福的设计思维和人生设计理念,打造了Deign Your Life的工作坊。11月14日,本次工作坊是独家为Ladies Who Tech社群打造,免费参与,仅限20席位。

Dora Qingsong Ke and Julia Schippers, two experienced trainers and coaches, have incorporated Design Thinking & Design Your Life concepts into a 3-hour workshop.  We invite you to take part on This Design Your Life workshop on November 14.  This workshop is only available for the Ladies Who Tech community, free of charge.  Only 20 seats are available.


在此次工作坊中,参与者将学到如何用设计思维帮助我们创造出充满意义和活力的生活,不论我们是谁、做什么工作、以及我们多大年纪。设计思维帮助创造出了无数惊艳的产品,它也可以被运用到我们的 生活中,为我们设计出充满喜悦和活力的生活。

In this workshop, we will learn how to utilize design thinking to create a meaningful and fulfilling life, regardless of who we are, what we do, how old we are, etc.  The same design thinking concept responsible for creating amazing products can be used to design our lives, encouraging us to live a life of fulfillment and joy.



·         清晰地了解自己目前在生活中的位置、今后生活的方向以及如何达到想要的未来

·         学习如何转换思维,解决你生活中的问题,不论是你的工作、爱好或是人际关系中问题

·         学习如何识别并转换错误信念,以及应用设计思维开始真正动手设计你的生活

·         打造、建立你自己的“设计团队”,他们在你设计自己生活的过程中可以更好地支持你

After the workshop, we will:

·         leave with clarity regarding where we are right now in different areas of our lives, where we want to go, and how you can get there

·         learn new ways to frame problems we’ve been trying to solve for a while whether they are connected to work, hobbies, or relationships

·         learn to recognize and reframe dysfunctional beliefs and to apply the design thinking principles to design our lives

·         find the “design team” to support us in the process of designing our lives



Dora Qingsong Ke

管理咨询顾问 | 培训师 | 组织心理学家 | 教练 | 创业导师

Management Consultant | Trainer | Organizational Psychologist | Life Coach | Startup Mentor



Dora is a lifelong learner, who has earned two master’s degrees – Master’s in Management Psychology and International MBA from top universities in China and Europe. Drawing from her experience from management consulting to higher education and entrepreneurship, Dora aspires to share her insights to help individuals and organizations unlock the potential and the power of human capital.

With extensive psychological training, MBA education and sharp business acumen, Dora focuses on consulting and training on communication, feedback, storytelling, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, design thinking, and coaching.

For more information, please check her profile on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ keconsultant/


Julia Schippers

Design Thinking | Agile Coach | Trainer | Digital Strategist

Julia works on the intersection of Marketing, Sales and Digitalization.  She developed and implemented a design thinking program that enables employees at her company to approach business challenges in a different way.  Passionate about positive leadership, she believes in empowering teams and individuals to utilize their strengths and passions to build the most meaningful life in and outside of their work.

For more information, please check her profile on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliaschippers/

Ladies Who Tech & Design Your Life

Venue: Bridge+ (5/F Ascendas Plaza, 333 Tianyaoqiao Road)

Time: 14:00-17:00

Language: English

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Ladies Who Tech

Ladies Who Tech

Ladies Who Tech 由从事STEM的女性发起并创立。通过挑战现状并帮助和鼓励更多的女性来发现自己在STEM领域的潜力并参与进来。我们希望提高社会对科技产业女性从业人员缺乏的认识,并帮助公司招聘更多的女性从事STEM行业进而提高公司的多元化。 Ladies Who Tech was started by women who are in the STEM industries and believe in challenging the status quo by encouraging more women to assist and discover their potential in STEM. We want to raise awareness of the lack of women in the STEM industries and help companies to have more diversity.

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