Beer Making Crash Course with Mike Sherretz Nov 16th| 和Mike Sherretz 学习啤酒制作 11月16日

Mon, 16 Nov 2015 05:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Mon, 16 Nov 2015 21:00:00 GMT+08
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    17:30 ­ 21:00, Monday, November 16th


    Personal Biography:

    A chemical engineer from the USA, Mike Sherretz worked in the oil and gas industry for 10 years. His chemical engineering background and ability to relate to others has allowed him to work in many places around the world. Mike is a consultant with TRI Corporation, is co­founder of Leaderstyles International Co., LTD, and ­­ more relevant here ­­ is the founder of My Homebrew Store right here in Shanghai. He made his first batch of beer in 1990, and now he’s a several time bechampion! He’s considered the godfather of beer in China, and XinCheJian is very lucky to have him stopping by. Mike says, “Everybody told me I couldn’t do it. They said that they had heard stories about people making ‘brew’, and it made people sick. So I told people, let me try it and you can say if it’s the same. I’ve been giving away wine and beer ever since with no complaints. Everybody keeps coming back asking for more.” He’s excited to teach others how to make good beer! Come join and learn how you can do it, too!


    Workshop Description:

    We’ll start with some discussion and learning, but we’ll quickly transition to go through the process ourselves, actually making a batch of beer together right here at XinCheJian. In addition, Mike will bring along some samples of his best beers for us to try ­­ at no added cost! How generous. After the workshop, the beer we’ve made will go through its fermentation stage for the next month, and then we’ll host a follow up workshop during which you are invited to come back and help bottle the very first batch of XinCheJian beer that you helped make, and we’ll give it away for your to keep!


    Workshop structure:

    1. Mike will do a quick introduction of himself, the chemistry of the process, and an overview of the equipment needed


    2. After a brief Q&A about the steps and materials involved, we’ll jump right into actually implementing the process, ourselves. The first step is steeping the grains in a large pot. Kind of like making tea, you have to soak the grains in hot water to begin with;


    3. The next step is adding the grain extract. This stuff is thick, syrupy, and heavy, and it must be stirred well to ensure that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot.


    4. The next step is adding the hops and turning up the temperature! Hops are those little green buds that look like tiny broccoli. They’re responsible for adding flavor, and they’re famous for giving beer that satisfying bitterness.


    5. Finally, we’ll cool down the brew and prepare it for the fermentation stage. The beer needs a month or so of time for the yeast to break down the sugars and release the ethanol that makes our beer alcoholic and to release the carbon dioxide that makes the bubbles in our beer.


    6. We’ll be enjoying free beer throughout the process!


    This workshop can help you:

    ● Understand the essential steps to making your own beer safely in the comfort of your own home

    ● Get familiar with the different types of equipment needed to make various types of beer

    ● Learn the chemistry of beer and what makes it so delicious

    ● Gain an understanding of the various categories of beer and how their flavor and alcohol content varies

    ● Meet other beer enthusiasts and partners for home brew collaboration


    What to expect:

    Part of the workshop will take place inside XinCheJian, and part will take place directly outside the building in the parking lot. Make sure to bring warm clothes, and bring along a flashlight, too, if you want to be able to see inside the boiling brew and notice the cool way the grains churn. The process of making beer is very safe, especially with Mike Sherretz leading the workshop, so please do not worry about any danger. People will be consuming beer at the event, and it will be a social event, but it will not become a wild party. The purpose of the event is to learn about beer.


    Who should enroll:

    Mike says, “The Craft beer market is still new (in China). Probably the first ones were the Paulaner Restaurants. However, they sold their beers only in their restaurants and things progressed slowly from there. Since there is not much variety in the commercial beers available here, it was only natural that passionate guys would try to fill that gap. So, now there is a fast growing trend of microbreweries springing up in China. This is really helping the public to be better educated about good beer and is increasing the interest in both the expat communities and the upward mobile locals.” Mike is a firm believer that anyone with passion and discipline can make good

    beer, and he’s eager to teach all willing students and inspire us bring more interesting brews into the world.


    What to bring:

    ·      Warm clothing to wear as we spend some of the time out front of XinCheJian

    ·      ­ An appetite for beer tasting ­­ you’ll be trying various types and learning the differences

    ·      ­ A flashlight (optional), to help you see the process clearly

    ·      ­ A paper notebook to write down notes about the process (we advise not bringing your

    laptop for this workshop)

    ·      ­ A curious attitude ­­ please ask Mike lots of questions and stay closely involved in the steps of the process


    If you have any questions, you can contact the workshop leader.

    WeChat: alec_walker



    Workshop: RMB 200; RMB 150 for XinCheJian Members.

    Please sign up in advance to reserve seat. Attendees who show up without sign up or inform host will need to pay double price. Space is limited, please understand!



    11月16日,周一,17:30 - 21:00



    Mike Sherretz是一位来自美国的化学工程师,其曾在石油和天然气行业10年。迈克既是TRI公司的顾问,也是Leaderstyles国际有限公司的创始人之一。在上海,他则更多关注在My Homebrew上海店上。1990年他做了他的第一批啤酒,现在他已经使好几届的bechampion了!他被认为是中国的啤酒教父。新车间有幸邀请他举办此次工作坊。迈克说,每个人都告诉我,我不能这样做。他们说,他门听说过酿酒会使人们生病。所以我就告诉他们说,让我先试试,你们再看结果是否一样。我经常赠送给他人葡萄酒和啤酒,而且大家都很喜欢这些酒并且想要更多。他认为叫别人酿造好的啤酒是一件很值得高兴的事。快来加入,学习如何酿造好的啤酒!






    1. 迈克会简单地介绍一下自己,过程中的化学用品以及所需要的设备;

    2. 经过短暂的有关的步骤和材料的问答环节,我们将直接进入实践过程中。第一步是浸泡谷物在一个大容器里。有点像泡茶,但你要把谷物泡在在热水中。

    3. 下一步是加入谷物提取物。这种提取物像糖浆,很厚,又重,而且必须被充分搅拌,以确保它不会粘到锅的底部。

    4. 下一个步骤是加入啤酒花和升高温度!啤酒花是那些小绿色的嫩芽,看起来像小花椰菜。他们会增加啤酒的味道,也是他们增加了啤酒中著名的苦味。

    5. 最后,我们使啤酒冷却下来,将其准备进入发酵阶段。啤酒需要一个月左右的时间来发酵。在这一个月内,酵母会分解糖和释放乙醇使谷物发酵出酒精和释放二氧化碳,在啤酒种加入气泡。

    6. 在整个过程中,我们都会享用免费的啤酒!



    1. 温暖的衣服,因为当天会有户外环节;

    2. 品尝不同啤酒的胃口,这个过程中你会尝试不同的啤酒类型和学习啤酒的差异;

    3. 手电筒(可选) ,以帮助你看清楚整个过程;

    4. 一个用来记笔记的笔记本或纸张(我们建议不要把你的笔记本电脑本次工作坊)

    5. 好奇的态度。当有问题时,请向迈克提出,并保持密切参与



    WeChat: alec_walker







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