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Sustainable Sustainability


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**Event will be held in BOTH English and Chinese 活动将以中英文举行. Do click on the "EN" button on the top right hand corner, to sign up in english!


Sustainable Sustainability is a 2 day 2 night startathon to empower and nurture entrepreneurs, makers and innovators to solve real-world problems and kick-start their journey into the ecosystem of innovative and sustainable businesses.  

Sustainable Sustainability 是一个22夜的客松,旨在帮助和培养创业者,制造者和新者解决现实问题,并启们进新和可持续发业务的旅程。

About the Startathon 关于Startathon                           

A Startathon as the name suggests is a hackathon aimed at budding entrepreneurs and founder, with two clear goals of teaching the skills and the creation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Proof-of-Concept (POC). 顾名意思,“Startathon"是针对新兴企业家和创始人的黑客马拉松。活动主要目的是教授技能来创建最小可行产品或概念证明。

Sustainable Sustainability Startathon is a 48 hours intensive competition where participants generate an idea on the spot based on the sustainable-focused problem statement selected, create a prototype and creatively present it to the judges through something known as an "experiential booth". Sustainable Sustainability Startathon 是一项为期48小时的激烈竞赛,参赛者根据所选择的可持续性问题,现场产生想法,创建原型并通过称为“体验展位”,创意地将其呈现给评委。


Date&Time/Venue 时间地点                             

Date & Time 时间

2 - 4 November 2018 

Venue 地点: 

Innospace新零售实验室 / Innospace RetailTech Lab 


Room 201, B building, Explorium, 2000 Yishan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Schedule 日程安排                     

DAY 1  第一天, 2 NOVEMBER 2018

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 1.57.56 PM.png

DAY 2 第二天, 3 NOVEMBER 2018  

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 1.58.45 PM.png

DAY 3 第三天, 4 NOVEMBER 2018 

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 1.50.36 PM.png

**Schedule can be subject to change 计划表可作出更改

Problem Statement 问题论                       

Participants will have to develop an MVP that solves one out of the four given problem categories! 


Problem Statement 1: Renewable Materials   I  问题论1:可再生材料

Waste harvests like straws are often burnt away if not used. Open field burning of agriculatural straws has led to enhanced green house effect causing global warming and climate change. Innovative products designed using renewable materials made from waste straws can go a long way to promote a more sustainable environment.mRenewMaterial is a company that specializes in transforming waste straws into strong wood-like material. These RenewMaterial straw woods have the same, if not more advantages than conventional wood. As great as this material sounds, many consumers are still unaware of this material and continue to propel the timber industries, sometimes leading to unsustainable logging.With increasing adoption of straw wood in our daily lives, the impact of unsustainable logging can be reduced. 如果不使用的话,农林秸秆往往会被烧毁。农林秸秆燃烧产生了更大温室气体的 派出,导致全球变暖和气候变化。RenewMaterial是一家专门把废旧秸秆转化 成类似木材的材料公司。这些可再生的秸木比传统木材有相同或更多的优势。虽 然这秸木听起来很棒,但是许多消费者仍然不知道这个材料,并继续推动木材工 业,导致不可持续的伐木。 

By making use of RenewMaterial, design an innovative product solution that leverages on its unique properties to encourage higher adoption of RenewMaterial. 
随着秸木在我们日常生活中有更多采用,不可持续的伐木的影响可以减少。利用 RenewMaterial其独特性质,设计一个有创新性的产品解决方案来鼓励更多人采用RenewMaterial. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 6.33.38 PM.png

Problem Statement 2: Food Wastage  I  问题论2:食物浪费

Management of food waste is a big problem in any country, be it in the urban or agricultural zones. Globally, ⅓ of the food produced worldwide for consumption is wasted. That is 1.3 billion tons. Under the umbrella of food waste, it has namely three categories: waste in production, waste in consumption and waste in storage (expired products). Output of food wastage can be better minimised through regulation of food generation, regulation in food consumption and food storage, and improving of current operational processes in businesses. 无论是在城市还是农业区,食物废弃管理都是各国面对的大问题。在全球范围内 ,全世界生产的食品的三分之一都被废弃。那是13亿吨。在食品废弃物的范围 里有分为三类:生产过程中所产生的废弃物、耗尽所产生的废弃物和储存所产生 的废弃物(过期产品)。通过更好的食品生产、食品耗尽规划和食品储存,我们 将可以把食品浪费的产出降到最低。这也助于改进企业当前的业务流程。 

With the materials provided, do come up with an innovative technology, product design and prototype or business model that will effectively reduce food wastage. 使用参赛的材料,提出一个能有效减少食物浪费的创新技术,产品设计和原型或 商业模式。

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 6.33.43 PM.png

Problem Statement 3: Healthy Building  I 问题3:健康建筑

Increasingly, there is a shift in focus towards making buildings smarter and more sustainable, with innovation in either architecture, technology or even simple tenancy arrangement. A sustainable building design will allow a more efficient use of electricity and energy, cleaner and healthier air quality, and a better control of water usage amongst tenants and building owners. It is the perfect example of how saving the environment can go hand-in-hand with cost savings and profit making. However, in terms of technological development, much more can be done to introduce new methods/technology/ innovations to make buildings more sustainable. 随着建筑、技术甚至简单租赁安排的创新,人们越来越关注设计智能和可持续的 建筑。可持续的建筑设计将允许更有效地使用电力和能源,更清洁和更健康的空 气质量,以及更好地控制租户和建筑业主之间的用水。这是一个保护环境将能节约成本和增长利润的好例子。然而,就技术发展而言,我们能够做更多的工作来 引入新方法/技术/创新,使建筑更加有可持续性。 

Using the materials provided for smart buildings, come up with an innovative product design and prototype or business model that effectively demonstrates the goals of sustainable sustainability. 



Problem Statement 4: Plastic Waste  I  问题4: 塑料废弃

Plastic have slowly become an essential tool for many all around the world. However, the disposal of plastic bags often carries along many environmental issues. One of the major contributor to environmental unfriendliness is Single-use plastics, also referred to as disposable plastics, used for plastic packaging and include items intended to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. Plastic disposal can also be better managed, from the point of disposal, segregation of plastic type and ultimately to the management of waste (of burning or recycling or others). Responsibilities lies with all of us, from the top levels to the grassroots. 塑料已经慢慢成为世界上许多人的必备工具。可是塑料袋的处理往往带来许多环 境问题。????成环境污染的主要原因之一是使用一次性的塑料。一次性的塑料包括 塑料包装和那些使用一次就被扔掉/回收的物品。塑料处理也可以更好地被管理 ,从处理的起点,到分级塑料类型,到最终的废物管理(燃烧或再循环或其 他)。我们每个人,不管是顶层或底层,都需尽责。 

With the resources and materials given, come up with an innovative product design or prototype. (Optional: consider working with the various stakeholders, i.e. government, rubbish chute collection companies, etc, in your idea). 利用所提供的资源和材料,想出一个创新的产品设计或原型。(可选:考虑与各 种利益相关者,如政府、垃圾收集公司等合作)

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 6.33.51 PM.png                                       

Workshops 工作坊                          

Worry that you don't have the skills? Fear not, we have prepared a series of workshops for you by industry experts, to provide you with the essential skills to innovate and start your own business!



Prizes 奖励                           

Join us and get an opportunity to win an incubation programme and up to RMB 4000 worth of cash prizes!  快来参加,并有机会赢取孵化服务包和高达4000元的奖金!


Speakers & Mentors 导师和讲者                              


***More details in participant's handbook. 更多信息在参赛手册.

Organising Team 主办单位                                              

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Partners & Sponsors 合作商和赞助商                                           


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Connect with us  联系我们                         

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Terms & Conditions 条款和条件                          

Please read the terms & conditions stated below. By signing up for the event, you are in agreement to the terms & conditions. 




Alternative: By registering for the Startathon, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Registration constitutes each participant’s full and unconditional agreement to these terms and conditions and all decisions of the administrator, which are final and binding in all matters related to the startathon.


A. Startathon details (date and place)

The organising committee reserves the right to change the days, time and location of the event due to technical or organizational needs by announcing such changes on the event's official web site, http://sustainable-sh.com/.


B. Eligibility

(i) Each individual who participates the Startathon (“Participant”) must:

Not be working in usual name of org or in any of the sponsoring companies.

(ii) Every participant who fails to comply with B(i) shall be deemed to be disqualified from the Startathon with immediate effect.

C. Requirements for acceptance and rules of participation

                a.  Teams and individuals wishing to sign up for the Startathon must complete the  online registration form at http://sustainable-sh.com/, indicating the personal details of the individual or of each team member. Upon submission of online registration form, every participant shall be deemed to have accepted the event regulations and grant consent for the handling of personal information by the organising committee.

                b. The  admission of teams or individuals to the startathon is on a first-come, first-served basis and is to be limited to the organizational and  logistical needs of organising Committee

                c. The Organising Committee reserves the right to disqualify a team where a member of the team withdraws from the Startathon.

                d. In  addition to the above, participants undertake to observe the following  rules of conduct:

                            i. respect the other participants;

                            ii. do  not use expressions that incite violence or forms of discrimination,  obscenity, or defamation;

                            iii. avoid content that is offensive, vulgar, defamatory, or that violates privacy or is otherwise against applicable law, as well as advertising content or content that concerns political or religious views or other such ideologies;

                            iv. avoid  developing applications that are clearly off topic compared to the  assigned challenge;

                            v. do not violate copyrights, trademarks, or other such rights;

                            vi. observe  data-protection legislation;

                            vii. do  not receive outside assistance by way of e-mail or other forms of messaging.

                e. All information provided to register for the Startathon must be true and correct. You are responsible for keeping such information up-to-date. if information provided during online reigstration is found to be incomplete and/or inaccurate, even if related to just one team member, the Organising Committee reserves the right to disqualify the entire team with immediate effect

                f. At any time, in the sole and absolute discretion of Organising Committee, Organising Committee shall be entitled to disqualify a Participant and/or Team in the event of a failure to meet relevant eligibility criteria or any       other violation or suspected violation of these Terms and Conditions.

                g. The Participant is solely responsible for any damage to his/her own property or any property, facilities and equipment provided by Organising Committee and partners during the course of the Starathon.   

                h. To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, Organising Committee, its directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, vendors, contractors, content partners and sponsors (collectively, “Indemnitees”) shall not be liable for any damages, losses or claims resulting from any person’s participation (or attempted participation) in the Startathon and/or this Site.  To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, Indemnitees  are not responsible for technical problems or technical malfunction or other occurrences which may affect the operation of the Site or the Startathon, including but not limited to: hardware or software errors; faulty computer, telephone, cable, satellite, network, electronic,  wireless or Internet connectivity or other online communication problems;  failure of any e-mail or website transmissions to be sent to or received;  inaccessibility of any third party service being used in connection with the Site or the Startathon (including but not limited to any third party websites or Internet service providers); traffic congestions on the Internet or the Site; and/or inaccessibility or unavailability of an email account, app or other item used or desired to be used in connection with the Startathon or this Site). To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, all Participants and any other individuals using this Site and/or attempting to participate in the Startathon hereby release the Indemnitees from any  and all claims, damages or liabilities arising from or relating to their participation or attempted participation in the Startathon and/or this Site.    

                i. To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law,  you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Indemnitees from and against any  and all claims, suits, actions, losses, expenses, damages, penalties, and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees resulting from any actual or alleged violation of these Terms and Conditions by you, use of the Site by you and/or your participation in the Startathon.

                j. If any portion of this these Terms and Conditions is determined by any court or governmental agency of competent jurisdiction  to violate applicable law or otherwise not to conform to requirements of  law, then the rest of these Terms and Conditions will remain in effect and the parties will substitute a suitable and equitable provision for the invalid/unenforceable provision in order to carry out the original intent and purpose of the original Terms and Conditions.

                l. You may not assign, delegate or transfer your registration for the Startathon and/or any of your rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions. Any attempted assignment, delegation or  transfer shall be void.


D .Judging Criteria

            a. Organising Committee will determine participation eligibility, declare winners (including but not limited to in the event of a tie), and award prizes in its sole and absolute discretion. You agree that such decisions are final and are not subject to review or reconsideration.

E. Prizes

            a. Prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable

            b. Organising Committee reserves the right to verify the identity and eligibility of all Participants and Teams at any time. Without limiting the general nature of the prior sentence, prior to (and as a condition of) awarding any prizes, Organising Committee in its sole and absolute discretion may require additional paperwork to be executed by the relevant Participants following the end of the Startathon.

F. Publicity

            a. You  understand and agree that photos, videos and/or other recordings may be  taken during the Startathon. Except where prohibited by law, participation in the Startathon constitutes the participants’ consent to the Administrator’s use of  participants’ names, likeness, photographs, videos, voices, opinions, and/or recorded materials for promotional purposes in any media worldwide, without further payment or consideration.

            b. The  Administrator will have the right to display and promote the winning  submissions to the public on the Startathon’s website and thorganising site. The administrator will also be able to publicize the names of the winning participants in connection with the Startathon.

G. Intellectual Property Rights, guarantees

            a. Content on the Site and linked pages includes materials  of organisers and/or its  content providers. Organisers and its relevant content providers reserve any and all of their respective rights in such materials. You are authorized to access and use such materials solely with respect to registration for and/or participation in the Startathon. You may not use the Site or any materials on it for any unauthorized purpose.  All rights not specifically granted are reserved.

            b. Each  participant declares that each prototype or mock-up presented is an  original work and in no way violates, in whole or in part, the intellectual or industrial property rights of others

            c. Participation in the Startathon does not require you to transfer ownership of your submission and/or demonstration to the organising team nor any organising partner and/or related partners. However by participating in the Startathon and entering a submission, you grant us an irrevocable, perpetual, paid-up, non-exclusive, royalty-free worldwide license to:

            d. use  any information contained in your submission and/or prototype in the  development or deployment of our products or service without any reference, liability or compensation

            e. feature your submission and all its content for promotional purposes in websites  or other media without your reference, liability or compensation to you.

            f. In  the event of a business interest in the submission, the organising committee reserve the rights of first negotiation with your submission regardless of the latter being a winning pitch.

            g. In the case of a successful business contract with our organisation, Clause i will not come into effect and a separate agreement with due  compensation will be awarded

            h. acknowledges that any publication by ORGANIZERS of the prototype or mock-up on web sites or social media will result in the same being visible to the public and that ORGANIZER assumes no responsibility for any use and/or abuse of the idea and/or any development of the idea and/or related project by any party coming into contact with said idea online or on social media  and hereby waives any right to demand compensation for damages from ORGANIZER for any reason.

H. Third  Party Service Providers

            a. Organisers  may use certain third party service providers (“Third Party Providers”) to support portions of the Startathon (including but not limited to registration services).  Use of these Third Party Providers may help us to provide you with a better, faster and/or safer experience. Those Third Party Providers may place third-party cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies for storing  information on their sites. These Third Party Providers may use these technologies to help us administer certain services regarding the Startathon and/or to compile anonymous site metrics and analytics. By registering for the Startathon through a Third Party Provider, you agree that you are responsible for reviewing the applicable terms and privacy policies of those Third Party Providers and that Organisers is not responsible for your interactions with those Third Party Providers.

I. Privacy Policy

            a. Registration  requires that participants supply their name and contact information. The information you submit will be used to confirm your eligibility. This information will be disclosed to the administrator and judges for  purposes of the Startathon. Once registered, participants may receive periodic communications related to the Startathon.

            b. By  registering for the Startathon, you agree and acknowledge that you may be contacted by organising committee via email. You further agree and acknowledge that such email communication shall not be considered to be unsolicited commercial email or spam. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to notify orgasnising committee in writing should participant’s email address change.

            c. Personal information will not be sold, rented or provided to anyone for commercial or marketing purposes.

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Sustainable Sustainability

Sustainable Sustainability

Sustainable Sustainability aims to empower and nurture entrepreneur and innovators to kickstart their journey into an ecosystem of sustainability.

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