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About InnoTeach

InnoTeach is an organized but informal meeting for teachers to share thier  innovative teaching practice and personal experience of teaching. Participants have a great opportunity to show their past successful innovation teaching practice and learn prodominently applied teaching pedagogy from peers in an informal setting. InnoTeach is also a great networking place for educators who have ethusiasm for future education and passion on the growth of students. 


InnoTeach is organized to boost innovation of education, explore the model of future education, facilitate transformation of education, inspire teachers to make impact on innovative education in a network of peers in teaching and learning. 


InnoTeach may cover the following pioneering techniques:

Flipped classrooms

Gamified lessons

Project-based learning

Phenomenon-based learning

Student-led governance

Broadened technology use

Partnerships with engineers and educators

Learning that takes place outside the classroom, and even schools entirely

Highly tailored individualized lesson plans

Collaborative group projects

other innovative teaching methods.

If you would like to present at the InnoTeach, please contact Chris(

Micro-presentations – lasting 5 minutes

Nano-presentations – lasting 2 minutes

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