谷歌工具以及脚本编程App入门工作坊 11月22日| Explore Google tools and Make App out of Google Script 22nd

Sun, 22 Nov 2015 13:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Sun, 22 Nov 2015 16:00:00 GMT+08
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13:00 – 16:00, Sunday, November 22nd

Personal Biography:

Before arriving at Stanford to pursue his MBA, Alec Kennedy Walker had never done any real software development, but after some basic exposure to Google Drive and the suite of free tools it offers, he realized he could use Google Script to tie together various products and make powerful web apps with very little coding. After applying some design thinking, he was able to create a professional and successful web app officially adopted into Stanford’s system that is still completely hosted ­­ frontend to backend ­­ on Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Forms, and it only took one night! Come join the workshop to learn how you can make easy web apps, too.

Workshop Description:

These are the tools that developers at Google actually use themselves, and they’re available for free for the world to use! First, make sure you have a working VPN on your laptop, or else you won’t be able to participate actively in the workshop (more info on that below). In the workshop, we’ll start with a quick introduction of the suite of Google tools, and you’ll be able to play around with them right away to get used to their features and benefits. Next, we’ll take a look at some basic Google Script and see how it can help us tie together the different tools so that we can make our own web apps. Finally, we’ll work to build a real web app right there in XinCheJian together. Participants will leave with the source code and the ability to elaborate on it for their own purposes, and they’ll be able to continue working together to improve their software development skills using Google Script.

Workshop structure:

1. We’ll learn how to access Google Drive and get familiar with cloud storage and sharing

2. We’ll explore the kinds of files we can create on Google Drive

a. Docs, similar to Microsoft Word

b. Sheets, similar to Microsoft Excel

c. Forms, which is a very handy survey tool

d. Slides, similar to Microsoft Powerpoint

e. Drawings, similar to Microsoft Paint

3. We’ll set up Google Script and use some templates and built­in functions to explore how these tools can interact with one another

4. We’ll make a useful app together combining at least three of the tools

5. We’ll use a Wechat group and shared Google Drive folder to continue learning and collaborating after the conclusion of the workshop!

This workshop can help you:

● Collaborate with colleagues on shared documents and worksheets so you don’t have to email each other drafts back and forth

● Keep your files and information safe and easily accessible across devices with free cloud storage

● Learn the basics of software development: front end and back end

● Get some experience coding and debugging your code

● Create valuable tools to solve problems and save yourself time and energy

● Meet awesome people to collaborate with remotely on fun and useful app development

What to expect:

The main goal of this workshop is to get you excited about doing basic coding to achieve advanced results. You’ll be following along from instructions, but there will also be some puzzles and challenges to help solidify your learning. You’ll be able to work together in groups, and although the finished app you’ll walk away with won’t be one of your own choosing, you’ll be empowered to edit it or to create your own to accomplish your individual goal. The workshop will not make you into an expert programmer, but it will help you understand that achieving powerful results has never been so easy and will motivate your continued learning.

Who should enroll:

The workshop will not teach software engineering in rigorous detail, but beginner programmers are encouraged to attend. The workshop will also be useful to those with some experience in software development but who have no exposure to Google Script or to Google’s suite of tools. The workshop will be collaborative, not competitive, so it’s a great place to apply skills you already have to helping others, but it’s not a good place to show off.

What to bring:

Make sure you bring a laptop that has a working VPN and a Gmail account. If you don't have VPN,  please come 30 minutes earlier so we can help you set up one (RMB 20 per month). If you join the workshop with friends or family, you can share a laptop. The Chinese government blocks access to all Google tools and services, so you’ll need the VPN to regain the normal access that the rest of the world enjoys. We won’t have time in the workshop to set up VPNs or to create new Gmail accounts together.

If you have any questions, you can contact the workshop leader.

WeChat: alec_walker


Workshop: RMB 200; RMB 150 for XinCheJian Members.

时间:11月22日,周日,13:00 - 16:00


在进入斯坦福大学继续他的MBA学位之前,Alec 从来没有做过任何真正的软件开发,但在学习了一些基本的谷歌驱动器和免费的工具之后,他意识到他可以利用谷歌脚本使各种产品联系在一起,并且使功能强大的Web应用程序用非常少的编码。在应用创新思维的基础上,他为斯坦福大学系统设计了一个专业和成功的Web应用程序,并且仍然在被斯坦福大学系统使用。该系统完全托管的前端到后端上的Gmail,谷歌电子表格和谷歌表单。整个过程只用了一个晚上!快来加入我们的工作坊,以了解如何制作简单的网页应用程序。






 a. 文档,类似微软的Word
 b. 表格,类似于Microsoft Excel中

 c. 表单,这是一个非常方便的测量工具
 d. 幻灯片,类似于微软Powerpoint

 e. 图片编辑,类似于微软画图













微信: alec_walker


会员:RMB 150; 非会员:RMB 200 。请提前报名。

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