游戏设计原理 3月13日|Fundamentals of Successful Game Design Mar 13th

Sun, 13 Mar 2016 13:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Sun, 13 Mar 2016 17:00:00 GMT+08
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13:00 - 17:00, Sunday, Mar.13th

Personal biography:

Inspired by Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, Alec Walker has been inventing games ever since he was four. His passion for game design led him to create an early mod and editor interface for Westwood Studios’ Command and Conquer games, and he went on to invented several sports in college and board games in graduate school. Alec studied game design in Stanford’s d.school, and ever since he has been bringing game design methods to creative fun lovers around the world. 

Workshop description:

This workshop will focus on empowering game lovers with a general process useful in creating their own games. The workshop is low-tech, hands-on, and interactive, and it will feature theories and strategies from game making gurus from the Silicon Valley, including Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn (who is a hobbyist game designer!); Mark Pincus, the founder and CEO of Zynga; and Stanford game design theory collaborators Mathias Crawford and Michael St. Clair. We’ll be covering game design at a higher level, exploring the context and methodologies useful to game designers in many contexts: sports, board games, video games, and experience design. We’ll deep dive into analysis of popular game design tactics and explore a few short case studies together. Then we’ll open the workshop for participants to put the material to use directly and design a game right there in XinCheJian!

Workshop structure:

   1. Ice-breaker and priming exercise.

   2. Short, interactive history of games. 

   3. Categories of games and their key elements.

   4. Conceptual overview of major reward types.

   5. Concepts of Core Loop and Discreet Game Mechanic.

   6. Best practices in storyboarding and prototyping.

   7. Open game design.

   8. Game demos from workshop participants.

This workshop can help you:

  • Have a process to go through whenever you want to invent a new game.

  • Learn specific tactics and general best practices for design of successful games.

  • Meet fellow game design enthusiasts and collaborators.

  • Develop creative confidence.

  • Bring home a game that you made and that you can play with your friends.

What to expect:

The workshop will be highly interactive. Expect to share ideas in front of others, to move around the room, to try crazy new ideas that might fail, and to laugh and play together. Note that when we say the workshop is low-tech, we mean that it is not a coding workshop. We will cover a few points about successful architecture and game mechanics very relevant for video game designers, but our goals for this workshop are to inspire participants to interact creatively in the context of game design and to come away with strong understanding of powerful methods as well as some working prototypes of self-made games. 

Who should enroll:

This workshop is geared towards game design enthusiasts of all ages, although we recommend that participants younger than 12 years stick with a parent during the workshop. Some of the conceptual theories are slightly advanced, and the workshop will be taught in English, but we will have translators on-hand to assist, and the most valuable learnings will be from the exercises, for which English language is not required.

What to bring:

  • A pen and some paper.

  • An open mind.

  • Plenty of energy.

If you have any questions, you can contact the workshop organizer. WeChat: alec_walker


Workshop: RMB 200; RMB 150 for XinCheJian members.

Please sign up in advance to reserve a spot. Attendees who show up without sign up or informing the host will need to pay double price! Space is limited, so we will be accepting sign ups on a first-come, first-served basis. Thanks for understanding.


3月13日,周日,13:00 - 17:00


Alec Walker不仅在在大学中设计过桌游和体育游戏,而且是Westwood Studios’ CommandConquer games的界面编辑师。在斯坦福求学过程中,他也曾在d.school里学习过游戏设计。



此次工作坊将会教游戏爱好者如何设计自己的游戏。通过基础的技术,动手以及互动的方式,工作坊将引入硅谷游戏制作大咖的理论和策略,包括Reid Hoffman,领英的创始人,以及斯坦福游戏设计合作者Mathias CrawfordMichael St. Clair。我们也会涉及更高层次的游戏设计,探寻游戏设计者在很多情况下的处理方法。并且,我们回深入分析受欢迎游戏的战术。最终,我们会在现场设计自己的游戏。














1.    纸和笔

2.    开放的心态

3.    充沛的精力

有任何问题请联微信t: alec_walker




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