Tech after Hours: Blockchain in 2019 区块链在2019

Tue, 18 Dec 2018 18:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Tue, 18 Dec 2018 21:00:00 GMT+08
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           2018 has been a dynamic year for blockchain practitioners starting off with the $100 million record-breaking financing on Chinese blockchain-related projects in January and emergence of many ICOs. Private industries, the central goverment, local goverments and academia are all invested in the technology and cover sectors from finance, energy, and medical to supply chain, entertainment, and social media. But as we got closer to the end of the year, fortunes have begun to turn, leaving solutions without problems out in the cold. 

    How will blockchain technology continue disrupting innovative industries in such a dynamic space in China? Can we pick back up the strong momentum from 12 months ago? Join us for our December Tech after Hours as we will dive deep into real cases of blockchain applications with industry forerunners and discuss the opportunities and challenges for blockchain in 2019.





    Blockchain in 2019 at TechCrunch Shenzhen Side Strage

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    About the speakers



    Sarah Zhang

    Founder of Points(PTS)


    Sarah Zhang is the founder of Points, the first truly scalable blockchain data collaboration protocol for better credit scoring and inclusive finance. Prior to Points, she was the ex-COO of Segway Robotics Inc., where she spearheaded the development of its developer community of more than 3000 participants including MIT, Intel and BMW. She was also formerly a product manager at Amazon. Her blockchain beginning started in 2013 when she was previously an early employee of Tim Draper’s accelerator, Draper University. In addition to founding Points, Sarah is the chair of dCamp, a Beijing-based blockchain developer and investor community.

    Sarah Zhang是Points的创始人,第一家真正意义上,在信用评估并包含金融信息上用区块链数据合作拟合的公司。在Points之前,她曾是赛格威的前任首席运营官,领导着超过3000人的研发团队,其中包括MIT, Intel 和 BMW。她也曾担任Amazon之前的产品经理。2013年她接触了区块链,当她还是一名来自Deaper大学,Tim Draper催化器的早期员工。为了创办Points,Sarah成为了dCmap的主席,一个落于北京关于区块链开发和研制的团体。


    Rohan Malhotra

    Tech Writer; BD at TokenInsight, Inc.


    Media professional. Former television presenter for CCTV/Xinhua. Written contributor to Tencent English, Tech in Asia, AllAsiaTech and voice of numerous CCTV (A Bite of China Season 2) and Beijing Radio documentaries. Interests tech-focused, particularly with open source and decentralized technologies. Currently Business Development at token rating agency TokenInsight. 


    Richard Parris

    Co-founder of Saito


     Richard Parris is the co-founder of Saito, a new generation of blockchain, designed—among other things—to help networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with off-chain scaling. A skilled technologist with 15 years of experience leading projects and teams in the scientific publishing and banking sectors, Richard has been involved in blockchain since 2013. He has presented to, and raised money from, some of Asia’s most sophisticated blockchain investors, including INBlockchain, Neo Global Capital, and Fengshui Capital. He’s also the host of The Saito Social podcast through which he’s interviewed guests from a wide range of China-based tech projects, from Cortex, which is putting AI on the blockchain, to Krypton, which applies blockchain tech to online gaming.

    Moderated by  

    John Artman.jpg

    John Artman

    Editor-in-Chief, TechNode

    John Artman is the Editor in Chief for TechNode, the leading English information source for news and insight into China’s tech and startups. Having lived in Beijing for almost a decade, he was previously Director of Technical Communications at CSOFT and a radio host and Assistant Programs Director at China Radio International. He loves talking about innovative products and business models, big ideas that are changing the world, and compelling communication in various mediums. He currently co-hosts a podcast called China Tech Talk.

    John是动点科技英文版主编,已经在北京生活了将近十年。他曾任CSOFT科技传播主编和CRI的电台主播兼副项目总监。他热爱谈论创新科技产品和商业模式,改变世界的想法,和引人入胜的传播方式。他还在主持一个科技播客 - China Tech Talk。


    Address: Arcade by Hatchery, No.1 Jianguomen Wai Street | Inside 5Lmeet GuoMaoBeijing

     建国门外大街1号 国贸共享际一层(原国贸饭店)


             Time: 18:30 - 21:00, Tuesday, Dec. 18th

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    Founded in 2015, DECENT is a non-profit foundation that has developed an open source blockchain named DCore. Cooperating closely with top investment funds and incubators, DECENT is dedicated to build the ecosystem upon its proprietary blockchain technology to support developers and businesses adapt to a decentralized future.


    About us

    TechNode began as one man’s attempt to tell the world about what’s happening in China’s tech and startup ecosystems. Since that time, we have grown into a trusted and respected information outlet, events organizer, and integral part of the tech and startup community both inside and outside of China with our partners at TechCrunch.

    With a vast network in global innovation and entrepreneurship, China-based TechNode is in the center of a unique worldwide tech ecosystem of startups, venture capital firms, industry resources and corporate partners. TechNode has six business units, including TN Media, TN Inno (corporate innovation services), TN Global (Asia), TN Events (branding and event services), TN Data (startup ecosystem database) and TN VC (venture capital and financing services). Through these initiatives, TechNode supports and bridges the startup ecosystem between China and the rest of the world. TechNode is also the exclusive China partner of TechCrunch.

    If you want to tell us about a startup/service/product, shoot us an email at tip@technode.com. If you need reach us for partnerships, sponsorships, or other purposes, please email us at contact@technode.com.




    Previous Tech after Hours

    About the Venue

    “ARCADE is a playground for the young at heart.”



    Situated in the center of Beijing’s growing central business district, ARCADE by Hatchery is an interactive lifestyle destination home to two restaurants, Common Burger and Canteen, which have launched from China’s first culinary incubator, Hatchery. 

    地处北京最繁华的核心商务中心国贸,ARCADE by Hatchery游乐场餐厅是中国首家餐饮孵化器Hatchery美食工场打造的最新互动生活方式体验乐活馆,在这里顾客可以左拥京城人气超高的汉堡概念Common Burger共享堡,右抱健康美味花样繁多灵活自选的Canteen沙拉碗。这两个概念都经过Hatchery此前成功孵化和验证,并备受欢迎。


    Diners can simultaneously enjoy Commonwealth-inspired burgers from Common Burger and delicious, healthy bowls from CANTEEN all while battling it out with friends in games of ping-pong, foosball, Super Nintendo and classic arcade games. The ARCADE Bar offers a curated list of arcade-themed cocktails, classics and a selection of beers, wines plus specialty drinks.

    踏进动感前卫的ARCADE餐厅即刻让人放松下来,顾客既能尽情享受富有创新精神的新世界精品汉堡Common Burger共享堡,又能随心自选健康美味超级营养的Canteen沙拉,品尝两个品牌各自的特色小食系列,还能同时和朋友同事酣畅大战几个回合的乒乓球、桌上足球、任天堂和经典游乐场游戏。除此之外,ARCADE还有一个酷炫的环形吧台,供应一系列精心创制的游戏主题鸡尾酒、经典饮品和精选啤酒、红酒和特饮。美食美酒美好时光,为喜爱尝鲜玩乐、走在全城风尚前沿的国贸人再添一个时尚的聚会选择。享味,畅饮,再来一场! 






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    动点科技是中国极具国际影响力的科技创新平台。TechNode is in the center of a unique worldwide tech ecosystem which has six business units, including TN Media, TN Inno (corporate innovation services), TN Global (Asia), TN Events (branding and event services), TN Data (startup ecosystem database) and TN VC (venture capital and financing services).

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