Ladies Who Tech Founders Series Beijing: How Green is Your GreenTech?

Wed, 20 Nov 2019 18:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Wed, 20 Nov 2019 21:00:00 GMT+08
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“Tech for good” is not new to China. In Beijing, we often hear SMEs cry out corporate social responsibility (CSR) and start-ups boasting about their social impact using better tech. But when it comes to Green Production, which is a business strategy that focuses on profitability through environmentally friendly operating processes or GreenTech, where technology intends to mitigate or reverse the negative effects of human activity on the environment, how green can they be?  On November 20, Ladies Who Tech Beijing’s Founders Series will take a closer look at the wonder as well as the waste of GreenTech asking the hard question - is GreenTech completely for good? How can factors like high consumption outweigh the high returns on improving the environment? What are the challenges being faced by GreenTech founders and innovators working in Beijing?

The Ladies Who Tech Beijing’s Founders Series creates a dynamically unique tech-hub so female tech founders, tech-freelancers, potential co-founders and potential clients can connect in a proactive way to score big on their business goals.

At this edition of the series, we will have entrepreneurs share their inspiring startup journey, followed by a start-up pitching for a talented female expert candidate to join their team. Once the founders share to the open room they then mentor groups in a personable format so all involved can share valuable advice to help better business. The night ends with fun socialising and useful answers to further inspire Beijing’s thriving start-up community.



石玺作为优电科技的联合创始人、CEO, 有着丰富的汽车行业经验和对汽车品牌深刻的理解。 她成功的创业经验得益于石玺扎实的落地能力和金融营销专业能力。 石玺于2007年加入北京现代,在汽车金融业务开创团队主要成员,负责三方金融业务及风控管理。2013年加入北京汽车。三方金融、个贷及二手车业务及风控管理负责人,搭建个贷平台。2016年创办玺岸文化,任董事长兼CEO,为大型企业提供高端品牌管理和整合营销服务。

Xi Shi, as a Co-founder & CEO of UDMAX TECHNOLOGY, she has abundant experience of automobile industry with a deep understanding of the automobile brand. Her successful experience of entrepreneurship and solid ability of execution and professional competence in finance and marketing will definitely inspire you. Xi Shi Joined BEIJING-HYUNDAI AUTO in 2007 being a leading member of the team which started the business of auto finance, and in charge of financial business and risk control management. Then she joined BAIC Motor Corporation., Ltd in 2013. She was in charge of third-party finance, personal loan and second-hand car business, risk control management, and built a personal load platform. As a founder, Chairman and CEO of Xi’an Culture in 2016, she provides premium brand management and integrated marketing services for large enterprises.


Angelina Jinadasa是Velocity Key的联合创始人。安吉丽娜·吉纳达萨是一位连续创业家,她特别热衷于社会企业、可持续发展和利用科技和21世纪技能解决全球挑战,利用跨行业战略和基层合作获得新的视角去赢得合作伙伴和投资机会。同时,她还是一个组织和课程设计师,研究和提供世界各地的设计思维,STEAM,可持续发展目标,全球公民,儿童发展和社会情感发展的课程。她认为,赋予妇女和青年权力是可持续未来的关键。她曾在15个国家生活和工作,会讲4种语言,喜欢与家人一起享受美食冒险,或阅读一本好书。

 Angelina Jinadasa, Co-Founder, Velocity Key. Angelina Jinadasa is a serial entrepreneur who is particularly passionate about social enterprise, sustainable development and leveraging tech and 21 Century skills to solve global challenges, using cross sector strategies and grassroots collaborations to gain new perspectives to harness opportunities for partnerships and investment. She is an organization and curriculum designer, researching and delivering courses around the world on design thinking, STEAM, SDGs, global citizenship, childhood development and social emotional development. She believes empowering woman and youth is the key to a sustainable future. She has lived and worked in 15 countries, speaks 4 languages, and enjoys culinary adventures with her family or catching up on a good book.



Guan Yisong, Senior Consultant, Marine Plastic Team, World Widelife Fund China, support No Plastic in Nature initiative and provide strategic planning, research project management, corporate engagement and civil society organization partnership building etc. Previously, he worked as Chief Operation Officer in UN Environment - International Ecosystem Partnership Management and initiated Easy Carbon Consultancy Co. Ltd. act as Deputy Director.



Jacky graduated from Peking University with a master degree in 2014. Then he had worked for Visa section of New Zealand Embassy BJ office. During that time he started to study about waste management online and visited to Kyoto to do investigation in November of 2016. Also he visited a few typical Chinese companies in Guangzhou and Chengdu in April of 2017. After then He resigned his job and pitched his startup of Webag. It’s an online platform for waste sorting education.


David是法国电力集团EDF (Electricite De France) 的数字创新领导者和可持续性战略分析师。他最近搬到了北京,刚建立了一个新的数字创新团队,和他之前在英国领导过一个的团队相类似。他的使命是挖掘中国最优秀的技术,同时协助支持EDF在中国的发展,并提高其在全球的竞争力。David在探索来自最佳学术研究中心和技术实验室的尖端数字技术方面拥有十多年的经验。因为接受过作为一名环境科学家一样的训练,David特别感兴趣甚至着迷那些利用数字技术解决环境挑战的潜力。David拥有伦敦帝国理工学院的环境技术硕士学位。他是RSA(Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)的成员、英国埃克塞特大学商学院的客座讲师、国际化的创新平台Plug and Play北京分部的导师。此前,他还是Exeter Science Park的非执行董事,和英国政府全党议会人工智能小组顾问委员会的成员。

David is a digital innovation leader and sustainability strategist working for global electricity company EDF. David recently relocated to Beijing to build a new digital innovation team having previously led a similar team in the UK. His mission is to tap into the best of China tech to support the growth of EDF in China and improve its competitiveness worldwide. David has over a decade of experience in exploration of cutting-edge digital technologies emerging from the best academic research centres and technology labs. Having trained as an environmental scientist, he is particularly interested (obsessed!) by the potential for digital tech to solve environmental challenges. David has an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. He is a Fellow of the RSA, a visiting lecturer at the University of Exeter Business School and a mentor at Plug and Play Beijing. Formerly, he was a Non-Executive Director of Exeter Science Park and was on the advisory board of the UK Government’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence.

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And discuss everything from innovative agribusiness investment to tackling recycling waste management in Beijing.

主题 TOPIC: How Green is Your GreenTech? 

日期Date:  2019年11月20日晚上6点半-9点   

              November 20, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

地点Location -北京市东城区王府井大街219号7层 WeWork淘汇新天  

WeWork Taohui Xintian, 7/F 219 Wangfujing St, Dongcheng, Beijing


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