Design your own Printed Circuit Board August 7 |设计你的印刷电路板 8月7日

Sun, 07 Aug 2016 09:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Sun, 07 Aug 2016 12:30:00 GMT+08


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    What’s a PCB? – it’s that thing inside all electronics that does all the electrical stuff. There comes a time in life where you want to make some complex projects tiny or customized or of a certain quality. The workshop will be run in English only and last about 4 hours through a structured flow. 

    When?- August 7th, Sunday, 9:30 - 12:30

    How much will it cost me?

    How much are you willing to pay for a new skill? Remember, it’s an introduction

    - 450rmb if you’re a member, 550rmb if you’re not and you become a member for a month. 


    I’m a newbie, should I do it?

    - Totally, its designed as a follow along program

    I’m not a newbie, should I do it?

    - Totally, if you’ve never done it before

    I’m a parent, can my child do it?

    - Totally, but you are expected to be there with your child and address any behavioral issues, if it cannot be, the risk is we ask you both to leave.


    The following topics will be covered:

    ·       Introduction to Eagle, file organization - 15minutes

    ·       Setup your first board, DRC and ERC – 10 minutes

    ·       Learn the interface and as many shortcuts as you can remember

    ·       Create your first Schema (reference provided) – 30 minutes

    ·       Create your first library using a reference sheet – 30 minutes

    ·       Layout your first board like playing Tetris! – 30 minutes

    ·       Route the traces both: manually and automatically – 30 minutes

    ·       Tips & Tricks – 15 minutes

    ·       Prepare files to send off for manufacturing (dirtypcbs) – 15 minutes

    We'll adjust the timing according to the process of the attendees.


    What you need to do before arriving:

    1.  Install eagle from Cadsoft: Mac/Windows/Linux - https://cadsoft.io/

    2.  If you can open the software! register and pay so we know how many are coming.

    3.  Bring your computer with you on the day



    -       You will be challenged in both design and physical size! – there is a competition for this.

     What are we making again?

    -       We’re going to be referencing the Annoying ATtiny85 circuit, a tiny little device you can stick anywhere around someone to annoy them over the course of a year on a single battery.

    What about a Follow on workshop?

    -       Great idea, why don’t we send off one PCB to manufacture and make them 2 weeks later.




    8月7日,周日,9:30 -12:30


    ·      你愿意为一项新技能付多少钱?记住。这是开启你新技能和电子世界的一扇大门。

    ·      新车间会员:450元/人;新车间非会员:550元/人,且成为新车间一个月的会员。



    ·      当然,这个工作坊有入门知识,之后也会开进阶工作坊的。


    ·      当然,如果你从未亲手设计过。


    ·      当然,但是你需要陪同小孩,保证正常的课堂秩序。如果课堂秩序被过度扰乱,老师有权请你们离开。



    ·      Eagle入门,整理文件-15分钟

    ·      设置你的第一块电路板,学习DRCERC10分钟

    ·      学习界面,以及尽可能多的快捷方式。

    ·      创造你的第一个Schema(会提供样板)– 30分钟

    ·      根据参考表创造你的第一个库– 30分钟

    ·      像玩俄罗斯方块一样,设计第一块板的布局– 30分钟

    ·      用两种方式修改布局:手动和自动– 30分钟

    ·      建议和窍门– 15分钟

    ·      准备让生产厂家制作的印刷版文件– 15分钟




        Cadsoft上安装Eagle: Mac/Windows/Linux - https://cadsoft.io/





    ·      设计和物理方面你都会收到一定的挑战!-老师会在这方面设置比赛。



    ·      我们会以Annoying ATtiny85电路为参考。Annoying ATtiny85是一个小的装置,你可以把它粘在任何地方,让它发出声音来烦你想烦的人。通过一颗小电池,它可以持续工作一年。



    ·      好主意。不过,让我们先把文件发给生产厂家,让他们把印刷电路板做出来,然后两周后再决定。

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