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Robin Chan is the founder and CEO of Eatis, a snack food E-commerce retailer and trading company. He is also the co-founder of Neo Foods Company, a product development venture. Prior to his entrepreneurship journey, he was the Director of Lipidomics Research Facility and Assistant Professor at Columbia University Medical Centre. After attaining his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2016, he moved to Shanghai to explore his career opportunities and founded Eatis in 2017.


Robin Chan (陈乐敏)是怡起吃的创始人及CEO,同时也是 Neo食品公司的联合创始人。怡起吃是一个全新体验的零食社交分享平台,他们的创业理念是:跟着零食,环游世界。Robin在创业之前曾在哥伦比亚大学医学中心担任脂质组学研究部主任兼助理教授。他于2016年在纽约哥伦比亚大学商学院获得MBA学位之后,搬到上海寻找新的职业机会,之后在2017年创立怡起吃。



Emmy Teo is the CEO and co-founder of Fuse, a new retail tech start-up that brings experiential pop-ups to alternative retail locations. She is also the founder of APP FASHORY, the Top 5 ranking fashion app in Southeast Asia in 2016, with over 200+ unique designer brands. Prior to her entrepreneurship journey, she worked in various major internet companies such as NHN (Navior and Line) Singapore, The9 Limited, Red 5 Studios and Sintel InSing. As a digital strategist, she has launched over 5 apps achieving top rankings in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore across Asia.


Emmy Teo (张龄心) 是Fuse的创始人及CEO,同时也是时尚APP FASHORY 的创始人。她于2017年创办了Fuse,致力为品牌游击店提供适合的零售地点,将品牌顺利推到市场上 。Emmy创办的时尚APP FASHORY与200多个时尚品牌合作,也曾于2016年入围东南亚Top5发行商榜单。Emmy在创业之前曾在NHN (Navior and Line) Singapore,The9 Limited, Red 5 Studios 和Sintel InSing等大型网络公司任职。Emmy也是一名优秀的数位策略师。她曾推出不少于5款APP,而每一款都在Apple应用商店和Google Play商店取得不错的排名成绩

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Lucas Rondez, from Switzerland, is currently the CEO of nihub Innovation Center and Vice President of Hangzhou Young Entrepreneurs Association.

Lucas has lived in Hangzhou since 2005. His life as an entrepreneur started in 2015 when he registered an internet technology company, leading a team to develop NiHao APP, a platform for foreigners living in China. Lucas then went on to found nihub Innovation Center, a services platform for foreign entrepreneurs in China. Through investment and operational services, Lucas and the nihub team work everyday to facilitate foreign innovation in China and bridge the gap between western and foreign markets.

At nihub, Lucas and his team have successfully landed 26 of 196 overseas high-quality projects, in industries including but not limited to artificial intelligence, big data, biomedical science, semiconductor, and other high-tech fields.

In 2017, Lucas was awarded the title of "Xihu Friendship Award", “Qianjiang Friendship Award” by Hangzhou City as a typical example of a foreigner starting a business in Hangzhou. In 2018, Lucas also received "Hangzhou's Honorary Citizen" award.

Lucas Rondez(鸿志远),来自瑞士,现任杭州你创网络科技有限责任公司CEO,杭州市青年企业家协会理事会副会⻓长。

自2005年起,鸿志远就一直住在杭州。他的创业生涯始于2015年,当时他注册了一家互联网科技公司,带领一个团队开发了“NiHao”APP,旨在服务在华的外国人。随后鸿志远创建了nihub创新中心这一针对在华外国企业家的创新创业服务平台。通过提供投资和运营服务,鸿志远和nihub团队努力促进了老外在 中国创新,弥合中外市场之间的差距。

在nihub, 鸿志远及其团队已经成功落地了50多个海外高科技项目,涉及的行业包括且不限于人工智能、大 数据、生物医学、半导体等高科技领域。目前,鸿志远和nihub团队已经合作为200多个项目提供了各种 各样的服务,为各个初创公司共融资了2.8亿人民币。

2017年,鸿志远被杭州市授予“西湖友谊奖”、“钱江友谊奖”等称号,成为在杭州市创业外国人的典型代 表。鸿志远还于2018年获得了“杭州市荣誉市民”的称号。此外,在2019年初,鸿志远凭借其创业及创新 成就,成为少数几个获得永久居留证(即绿卡)的外国人之一。

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