Ideathon 2.0: The New Wave of Digitalization

Sat, 07 Sep 2019 09:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Sun, 08 Sep 2019 20:00:00 GMT+08
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Startup Grind Beijing presents



What to Expect?


Together with Huawei Germany, Startup Grind Beijing has teamed up with Startup Grind University Beijing and German Innovators in China to organize an IDEATHON Weekend!

The goal of the IDEATHON is to encourage young professionals from various cultural backgrounds to exchange insights while developing innovative and creative solutions for challenges faced by man today.

Join us on the weekend of September 7th and 8th, as we share a unique 48-hour experience with 20 German students from top universities carefully selected by Huawei Germany. 




What is an IDEATHON?


Similar to a hackathon, an IDEATHON is a less intense alternative that is more suitable for startups and young entrepreneurs.  It is a golden opportunity for students to learn directly from experienced mentors while showcasing their fresh and creative ideas in front of a panel of judges.


The top 3 winning teams can also expect a ton of cool prizes. They also stand a chance to bring home 5000RMB in cash and Huawei P30 PRO phones!

Plus, we have prepared a plethora of food and light bites to accompany you as you develop your idea with your team!

排名前三的团队还可以获得很多很酷的奖品。他们还有机会赢取5000元现金和华为P30 PRO手机!


This event is for you if you are curious and:

• Ask the right questions

• Innovate with a strong focus on your audience, their needs, and your insights about them

• Step beyond the obvious solutions and therefore, increase the innovation potential of your solutions

• Bring together the perspectives and strengths of your team members

• Uncover unexpected areas of innovation

• Create volume and variety in your innovation options

• Get obvious solutions out of your head, and drive your team beyond them









Judging Criteria


1. Creativity // 创造力

2. Teamwork & engagement // 团队合作和参与

3. Feasibility (budget, time, environment, etc.) // 可行性 (预算、时间、环境等)

4. Business value & its place on the market // 业务价值及其在市场上的位置

The Challenges


#1 Digital fight against climate change. 

Climate change is growing into a worldwide disaster. From rising sea levels to shifting weather patterns, the impacts of climate change are global and can lead to unfavorable conditions.  

In this challenge, your team's task is to develop a digitally sustainable solution to improve the fight against climate change.

You can go bold by thinking of a revolutionary solution. Or you can play it safe by providing an easier solution that could be implemented by anyone in their day-to-day life.

#2 Globalization 2.0:
Breaking the language and culture barrier by using AI technology.

Whether you have been in Beijing for a while, or only a few days, you must have faced a language and culture barrier during your first interaction with the native residents.

In this challenge, your team's task is to use AI technology, to find a way to bypass language and culture barriers. Your solution needs to be the answer to make any foreigner’s life easier while adapting to a new country. Think of it as a solution to take out the guesswork of "is this right or not".

#3 Digit the *** out of your student life.

Think of all the struggles you endured as a student. The list is presumably endless and could probably include a few of these: narrow curriculum diversity, little financial aid, few student activities, adult life reality kicking in, lack of support to start your own business, a limited number of resources for your entrepreneurial mind, and so on.

According to you, what would have been a tremendous help for a smoother start into the journey of student life? 

In this challenge, your team's task is to create a digital solution that you wished you had when you started? Get together with your team, compare, scale, and help the future entrepreneurial minds reach the stars!

#4 Smart City

How do you make a city smart? By using technology – in particular, the Internet of Things (IoT). 

The concept of smart cities is an emerging trend and brings many benefits. However, many still face struggles when it comes to deploying the smart city concept effectively. This is often related to challenges with digital security.

In this challenge, your team is required to create a digital solution. This solution should not only improve the efficiency but the effectiveness of IoT in building a smart city

#5 Open Challenges

This is the challenge where you get to showcase your diversity and creativity. It's your time to shine.

In this challenge, your task is to use your team’s diverse background to brainstorm over a problem that is recurrent to every team member, and that could be easily solved with a digital innovative solution. Let your imagination go above and beyond, and use your team’s strength to help the community.

#1 应对气候变化的数字化斗争。




#2 全球化2.0:




#3 把你的学生生活数字化。




#4 智慧城市




#5 公开挑战



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to come with a team?


A: No, you don't have too. We strongly encourage meeting new people and forming your team on-site during the first day of Ideathon.


Q: Can I come only for 1 day?

A: Absolutely not, you will be blacklist from our future events, and please be responsible to your teammates. 


Q: What materials should I bring to IDEATHON?

A: Your electronics, your chargers, extension cords, stationaries, notebook.
答: 你的电子产品,充电器,延长线,文具,笔记本。

Q: What is the ideal number for a team?


A: Ideally, we would say 4-5 people in a team is the perfect number. 


Q: I am planning to come as a team, how many people should I come with?


A: We strongly suggest if you really want to come with your own team, please only come in a group of 3 to 4 maximum. And it is required for us to pair you up with 1-2 german students to be in your team.


Q: Do I need to have an idea before coming to IDEATHON?

A: it is not a must, but if you do, you must send your pitch deck to katja@startupgrind.com by Thursday, September 5th and latest by 5 PM. Anything that arrives after 5 PM on September 5th will not be accepted. 


Q:  Can I make any changes once I sent the PPT to katja@startupgrind.com?


A: No, The PPT you sent is the one that will be shown.


Q: When and how long will the idea pitch be?


A: The idea pitch takes place on Saturday, 7th September and you are given 3 minutes.


Q: Can I still attend if my application is denied?


A: Absolutely not, you'll not be able to participate at any circumstances.


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