中国新消费者势力的崛起 | The Rise of New Consumer Brand in China

Sun, 27 Oct 2019 13:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Sun, 27 Oct 2019 16:00:00 GMT+08
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To understand consumers and power a brand's future development, we need to pay attention to the slow variable that significantly affects the consumer market  – demographic shift.

However, the diversification of population, along with geographic and Internet clusters, will eventually generate a much more complex matrix of consumer types – such as small-town youth,  urban middle-class and so on – that will pose both opportunities and challenges for brand merchants.

Only by focusing on consumers and using that as their starting point, can brands outperform in the succeeding decades. The best companies have already applied cutting-edge methodologies to more effectively build core brands, acquire consumers and fend off mounting competition.





What’s the new consumer brand in your mind? How do you define ‘new’? 


Who is your brand’s target consumer and what strategy have you applied to acquire and retain them?


How do you see opportunities regarding future consumers? How does your company empower brand image with new technologies?


How to balance cost, efficiency, and experience when applying new technologies?


13:30-14:00   Networking 社交

14:00-14:20   EO & MD + introduction 梦想加介绍

14:20-15:00   Panel discussion 圆桌讨论

15:00-15:30   Q&A 问答环节

15:30-16:00   Networking 社交


吴一黎 300x300.png                

Yili Wu, Founder, and CEO of SandStar

吴一黎 SandStar视达创始人、CEO

Yili is one of the first graduates of the Tsinghua University School of Software and a serial entrepreneur. He has 8 years of sales management experience at Oracle and IBM. As the top sales at IBM, Yili achieved an 80% market share when leading IBM China's e-commerce sales team. He has extensive experience in business operations and management.


Claudia 300x300.png                

Claudia Masueger, founder of Cheers Wines

Cheers Wines 创始人 Claudia Masueger

Claudia, from Switzerland, arrived in China in 2008 with two suitcases full of wine samples to start an incredible adventure. She first successfully built up a B2B 

wine wholesale company in Beijing called MQ Wines. When the warehouse burned down on November 2010, Claudia changed strategy. 

Seeing a huge opportunity in distributing high-quality wines from the vineyards directly to Chinese young consumers at affordable prices, in 2011 the CHEERS concept was born. Today CHEERS count over 66 outlets in 14 different cities and it’s famous for making wine drinking funds & affordable. Claudia’s strong will to go beyond borders, her passion for people, her family´s wine background and her sensibility for the market has made her one of the figureheads of the Chinese wine market.

Claudia Masueger 在 2008 年带着两个装满葡萄酒样品的 行李箱来到中国,这也是她在中国的历程的开始。她先成 功的创立了 B2B 模式的马素格葡萄酒商贸公司。然而,天将降大任于斯人必先来把火。在2010年的11月, 由于技术问题整个库房被大火烧为灰烬。在库房重新整顿的 时期,Claudia 也借此机会决定重新调整经营策略。由于从 小受家族企业的熏陶,和先天的对商业的敏锐嗅觉,她发掘 到了巨大的转型机会。 那就是以优质的价格直接向中国年 轻消费者销售高品质的葡萄酒。于是在 2011 年,CHEERS(齐饮) 的理念诞生了。

吴萌 300x300.png                

Michelle Meng Wu, General Manager of BD, HEYTEA



2015 杰出经理人奖




The nomination of Women Leader of the Year

Commercial Brand Elite – Mall China Golden Mall Awards

Publicized on Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, for the excellent performance & reward

Win “McDonald’s World President Award 2008” in the United States, which only goes to 1% of the whole world’s McDonald’s staff make great contribution to the company

Champion MIP Award of the year 2014 in Walmart China

Steven Wang 300x300.png                 

Steven Wang, Senior Analyst and Head of Market Research

Ant Financial's Intelligent Technology Group


Steven Wang is the Senior Analyst and Head of Market Research at Ant Financial’s Intelligent Technology Group, responsible for carrying out strategic research for Ant Financial’s innovation initiatives such as Ant Blockchain. Prior to joining Ant Financial, Steven worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland as the innovation consultant for emerging technologies.



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活动语言 - 英语 

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EqualOcean is a leading industrial tech media and investment research company that focuses on technological and industrial innovation in China. EqualOcean has taken upon itself the mission of assisting promising Chinese companies in their quest to break into the global market. At the same time, we strive to provide overseas investors and industry players with a deeper understanding of China's business environment. To know more: https://equalocean.com/about-us

EqualOcean关注中国科技和产业领域的创新,专注于AI, 医疗, 汽车, 零售, Fintech及High Tech等方向。我们致力于帮助中国各行业领域领先的创业创新公司更好地理解市场机会,构建国际化视角和思维。除此之外,我们帮助海外基金, 投资机构, 大型企业, 创业公司更好地理解中国, 通过投资, 业务落地或模式学习的方式从中获得商业机会。

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