博古睿讲座 11 Covid-19与护理机器人

Thu, 06 Aug 2020 19:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Thu, 06 Aug 2020 20:30:00 GMT+08
(Xian Shang Huo Dong)


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博古睿讲座11 | Berggruen Seminars 11

讲座 | Lecture


What Should Care Robots Care About?

主讲嘉宾 | Presenter


· 北京大学哲学系长聘副教授

· 博古睿学者

吴天岳长期致力于重构古代和中世纪历史文本中的哲学论证,为当下的反思开拓新的思想资源,目前专注于古代和中世纪亚里士多德传统中的心灵哲学和伦理学研究。现已完成专著《意愿与自由:奥古斯丁意愿概念的道德心理学解读》(北京大学出版社2010年)。相关领域著有十余篇英文论文刊行于Les Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie Médiévales, Modern Schoolman, Review of Metaphysics, Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy等国际学术刊物。在北京大学博古睿研究中心工作期间,他将主要关注“前沿科技背景下的身体哲学与生命伦理”,计划在当代科技相关伦理挑战日益严峻的背景下,重新反思“身体”这一未被充分重视的本体论概念。

WU Tianyue 

· Tenured Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Peking University

· Berggruen Fellow

Wu Tianyue has long devoted himself to reconstructing the philosophical arguments of ancient and medieval historical texts as a way of exploring new intellectual resources for present day reflection. His current focus is the philosophy of mind and ethics in the ancient and medieval Aristotelian traditions. Wu is the author of Voluntas et libertas: A Philosophical Account of Augustine’s Conception of the Will in the Domain of Moral Psychology (意愿与自由:奥古斯丁意愿概念的道德心理学解读, Peking University Press, 2010). More than ten related English language papers have been published in Les Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie Médiévales, Modern Schoolman, Review of Metaphysics, Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy, and other international academic journals. While working at the Peking University Berggruen Research Center, Wu will focus on “The Philosophy of Body and Bioethical Challenges of Frontier Technologies”. Against a backdrop of increasingly grave ethical challenges facing emerging technologies, Wu aims to rethink “the body”, an ontological concept that has not received enough attention in recent discussions.

主持人 | Moderator 


· 中国社会科学院哲学所研究员

· 中国社会科学院科学技术和社会研究中心主任

DUAN Weiwen

· Professor, Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

· Director of the Research Center for Science, Technology and Society, CASS

对话背景 | About the Event

本讲尝试从物理存在、社会资源、数据载体和人工智能体(artificial agent)等不同层面来反思护理机器人可能产生的伦理后果和应对策略。我们将以智能假肢和机器宠物为例,来思考我们未来如何与护理机器人共同生活。

This seminar will attempt to reflect on the ethical consequences of care robots and our response strategies, from the levels of physical existence, social resources, data carriers, and artificial agents. We will take intelligent artificial limbs and robot pets as examples to think about how we can live with care robots in the future.

内容主题 | Key Discussions

· 护理机器人可能带来哪些伦理后果?

· 我们要如何应对护理机器人带来的伦理后果?

· 未来人类应如何与护理机器人共同生活?

· What will be the ethical consequences of care robots?

· How should we deal with these ethical consequences?

· How should humans live together with care robots in the future? 

时间 | Time

2020.08.06 19:00-20:30

直播平台 Streaming Platform


Tencent Meeting

 (Livestream link will be shared via email and text message on August 5)

语言 | Language

中文 Chinese

主办单位 | Host

北京大学博古睿研究中心 | 思想改变世界


Berggruen Research Center, Peking University | Ideas for a changing world

The Berggruen Research Center is a hub for East-West research and dialogue dedicated to the cross-cultural and interdisciplinary study of the transformations affecting humanity. Intellectual themes focus on frontier technologies and society—specifically in artificial intelligence, the microbiome and gene editing as well as issues involving global governance and globalization.

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博古睿研究院中国中心聚焦从中国视角、东方智慧观照人类变革和全球治理。人工智能和生命科学的突破性发展引领了第四次科技革命,中国科学家和思想家参与全球对话至关重要;融入当代性的东方智慧如何破解今天全球共同面临的挑战。 2018年12月19日,北京大学博古睿研究中心在北京揭牌成立。 2010年,尼古拉斯·博古睿和内森·加尔斯在加利福尼亚汇集顶尖学界、商界和政界人士,思考和讨论由世界金融危机带来的经济、政治问题,西方民主制度危机带来的挑战,以及中国的崛起将怎样影响21世纪的全球合作和治理。

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