Anomaly OPEN -- 学会爱你的身体和经期

Fri, 07 Aug 2020 18:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Fri, 07 Aug 2020 19:00:00 GMT+08
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Anomaly OPEN是新模式营销公司Anomaly创建的分享活动,每周以不同的主题邀请各行各业内的“非常之人”来分享有关设计、艺术、建筑、文化、音乐、展览、数字营销、品牌建设、创业经历等内容,构建自由分享与讨论的氛围,推动深度思考与探讨。

On August 7th, 2020, Anomaly OPEN has invited Layla, Marketing and Partnership Manager at LUÜNA naturals, to share and discuss with us about Your Secret Way to Healthy Period Care -- Menstral Cup.

2020年8月7日, Anomaly OPEN邀请到LUÜNA 的大陆市场部负责人Layla,来跟大家聊聊你的经期健康护理神器 -- 月经杯


Women are been taking increasingly higher expectations nowadays, not only for being pretty, but also to be professional. With the stress coming from family and workplance, and also the changes by the ages, one forth of the women globally are facing the challenges on work performance caused by period and its impact on women physically and mentally. This week, Anomaly OPEN invited a social impact period care company, led by women, to discuss and learn more about menstrual cups and improve your relationship with your body in a fun and taboo-free period sharing session.

当今社会对女性的要求越来越高,不仅要做职场强人,更要做职场丽人。在家庭和工作的双重压力,以及年龄增长所带来的身体变化下,全世界每年有1/4的女性因为月经而耽误工作,很多女性更因此而焦虑和烦躁。Anomaly OPEN分享会邀请到一家专门关注女性经期安全的品牌公司,来跟大家做一场有趣的工作坊,一起讨论如何克服消极的经期体验,学会爱你的经期和身体,正确面对经期对女性带来的影响和改变。

“Mendstrual cups are safe, effective, cost-friendly and eco-friendly... yet little known. As we usually say, 'once you go cup, you'll never go back!' ”



About LUÜNA naturals

关于 LUÜNA裸月

LUÜNA naturals is the social impact period care company, led by women. With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and London. Our mission is to make periods better - for our bodies, our planet and our sisters in need.

LUÜNA裸月 ( www.luuna-naturals.com)是一家由女性主导并致力于社会影响的经期护理品牌,我们的办公室布及香港、上海、新加坡以及伦敦,希望通过最大维度的努力在使女性在拥有更好的经期体验的同时,造益于我们的身体健康、生态环境以及其他需要帮助的女性。


Through healthy products and taboo-free education, we are supporting women to move away from traditional period products which contain harmful materials. These materials take over 500 years to degrade and are increasingly linked to long-term female health issues.



We're working with companies who want to support this mission through our global A BETTER PERIOD initiative, where we can offer education and workshops to female employees. By providing our healthy & planet-friendly period care (products & workshops) to your staff, your company can help us provide more urgently needed feminine care donations to vulnerable groups & foster a new socially-conscious approach to women’s wellness in the workplace.

我们正在和越来越多愿意协助并共同实现这一目标的公司达成合作,通过我们的“A Better Period 一个更好的经期体验”倡议,希望能够给世界带来更好的生态与社会环境。在2019年,我们荣获GreenQueen媒体授予的亚洲最环保的经期健康公司。请关注我们的微信公众号LUÜNA naturals查看更多信息! 





主讲人:Layla, 裸月大陆市场部负责人




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Anomaly成立于2004年,是一家难以简单定义的“新模式”营销公司,在全球开设了七家办公室。Anomaly的客户包括:百威、可口可乐、谷歌、好时、宜家、MINI、耐克和Sonos等,同时拥有多个自己的IP项目,包括内容创作平台The Unreasonable、Mighty Jaxx等。

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