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2015/07/30 09:00 ~ 2015/08/02 16:30
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    China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy for short) is the most influential event in the global digital entertainment industry.

    ChinaJoy Expo is held late July every year in Shanghai. With its role as the forefront of Chinese opening-up policy, Shanghai is the most centralized and globalized bastion for China’s game industry. After China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (“Shanghai Free Trade Zone”) was established on Sept. 29, and when relevant policies were laid to “allow foreign companies to be engaged in production and sales of game and entertainment devices, which can be sold in China after their contents are reviewed by competent cultural authority”, the amusement machinery industry including console games and arcade games will definitely offer new development opportunities for China’s game industry according to a whole new business model.

    Due to the new change in the industry, the Expo’s organizer has defined ChinaJoy 2015 as an event to assist with new challenges and welcome new opportunities. As a result, it will launch several of exhibitions along with ChinaJoy 2015, including Next-gen Arcade, Console and Home Entertainment Expo (ACH for short), World Mobile Game Conference and Expo, and Comic & Animation World Amazing Expo(C.A.W.A.E for short) ,so as to build an integrated exchange and show platform comprising of multiple exhibitions and conferences.

    ChinaJoy Expo showcases online games, console games, web games, hardware products related to digital entertainment, etc., and is divided into B to C Area and B to B Area.

    B to C Area is a comprehensive exhibition area for digital entertainment for the general public, the most popular area amongst game and animation fans at ChinaJoy Expo. It’s the best platform where game companies can directly interact with and conduct demonstrations for game player.

    Well-deserved! ChinaJoy, Asia’s top one game event with a total exhibition area of 75,000 m2

    The largest size: 5 exhibition halls, 700 global top game products and a total of 205,860 visitors for 4 days’ event!

    The most influential: Incredible game experience brought by 480 creative companies from over 30 countries of the world as well as more than 1500 devices for experiencing game play on the site!

    Internationally prestigious game companies will guide you to fully experience the massive marvelous works in the exhibition areas!

    Unparalleled magic treasures of global leading companies in peripheral devices will lead you to the experience unlimited charm of hardware and accessories exhibition area!

    E-sport competition, covering an area of 3000 m2,attracts global e-sport star teams and represents the highest level of e-sport! It’s an unrivalled visual impact!

    You will appreciate world’s best Cosplay competition with 32 top communities and 1500 cosers!

    Miss ChinaJoy brings together many beauties, presenting a star platform to the public!

    The sales area of animation products will bring comic and animation fans to a world where you can enjoy the charm of animation!

    l  Full coverage of game product lines

    Following the technological progress and the rapid development of mobile internet connection, ChinaJoy, which focused on online games in the past, have extended to online game, web game, mobile game and console game for full coverage in recent years.

    Last opportunity for console game market around the world

    With the formal approval of China Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone by the State Council, foreign current- and the next-generation consoles and games will come to China. As a result, Next-gen Arcade, Console and Home Entertainment Expo (ACH for short) will be held in conjunction with ChinaJoy 2015 . This show will facilitate the transformation of growth patterns of the game industry and promote the optimization of industrial structure. As a top expo in global digital entertainment industry, ChinaJoy will present a new platform to facilitate development, reforms and innovations with an open-minded approach, and promote collaboration and development in the entire game industry. Accompanying the establishment of the console and arcade game theme exhibition, the Organizing Committee of ChinaJoy will introduce additional theme contents and forums regarding businesses and technologies of console games at China Game Business Conference(CGBC) and China Game Developers Conference (CGDC), inviting representatives of foreign console game publishers and developers to the events, and discuss extensive partnerships in businesses and technologies with Chinese peers.

    Rise of mobile games

    Facing the fast growing mobile game market, the organizer will launch World Mobile Game Conference and Expo for its second year event along with ChinaJoy 2014, establishing global brand images for domestic and foreign platforms, channels and mobile game developers, as well as conduct face-to-face interaction and communication with on-site players. This will significantly improve corporate brands and product awareness.

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