SUN 11.03 | Roof Garden Party | Alter. ft. Bradley Zer

Sun, 03 Nov 2019 15:00:00 GMT ~ Sun, 03 Nov 2019 22:00:00 GMT
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Hailing from Peckham via Leeds, Bradley Zero is quickly becoming the taste-maker of his generation. As founder of the Rhythm Section institution, Bradley has carved out a unique role for himself within the vibrant London scene as Resident Club DJ, Broadcaster and Label Boss of one of the most exciting new imprints today – Rhythm Section International.This time we are taking him to our lovely rooftop withAlter.. Wind is blowing from the southeast of London and are you ready to dance with us for the last rooftop boogie of the year?

来自Peckham的Bradley Zero可以说是以不同寻常的势头崛起,迅速地成为新一代的品味风向标。作为最令人激动的新烙印之一Rhythm Section的创始人,Bradley Zero在彼时日益成熟的伦敦舞台上为自己定义了一个独特的角色。这一次我们将他带到Alter.熟悉的露台上,一阵清澈的风从伦敦的东南部吹来,准备好迎接这样一个的周日午后了吗?


Sunday 3rd Nov  3.00 PM till late

11月3日周日 下午3点开始

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Free entry before 4 pm


Presale 预售: 120rmb

At door 现场:150rmb

Both including a drink


Bradley Zero



 Roof Garden at the Shanghai EDITION


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DJ lineup 阵容:

Bradley Zero (Rhythm Section/UK)

Having started the Rhythm Section radio show back in 2009, the broadcast naturally translated into a fortnightly dance at Canavan’s Peckham Pool Club, which quickly became a firm fixture in the London Clubbing scene. Resident advisor and Dummy described it as ”A party which, in spite of its modest means and ambitions, has been something of an epiphany for me, and for plenty of others too” and “some of the best music in London” respectively.

自2009年开始Rhythm Section radio以来,进而他们自然地发动了一系列的派对活动,以每两周一次的频率在Canavan的Peckham泳池俱乐部活跃,很快便成为伦敦电子音乐场景的中坚力量。Resident advisor 对其不吝赞美并描述为“一个派对,尽管它的手段和野心不大,但对我和其他许多人来说都是顿悟”。

What's immediately striking about a Rhythm Section night is how loose everybody is. As the crowd—young, mostly students, a roughly even gender split—trickles in over the first few hours, dancers skip the self-conscious head-nodding stage and get straight down to business. You can genuinely throw moves here, nobody will judge. Other unusual, if not ground-breaking, features soon emerge: the broad music policy, ranging from funk, soul and disco, to house and eyes-down techno; the vinyl-only credos; the casual ban on taking photos. Set-times are non-existent, with DJs—be they guests or residents—playing several mini-sets each, or teaming up for extended back-to-back sessions. Above all, though, it's the friendliness of it that gets you, the sense that everybody is there for the right reasons—namely, to enjoy the music and each other's company. 

Rhythm Section之夜立即引人注目的是每个人都是那样的云淡风轻。偏年轻的受众人群里大多是学生,性别比例也大致平均。舞池里最初的几个小时不需要铺垫,总是会跳过头部轻点身体微晃的阶段直入主题。在这里你可以放肆舞动,没有人会侧眼旁观。广泛的音乐风格从funk, soul and disco, 到house and eyes-down techno。除了禁止拍照之外,从始至终他们贯彻执行的是随和的态度。不需要安排set时间,DJ们要么每个人来几个小时的set,要么B2B来个long set。最重要的是,真正的开放友好的氛围能让你感觉到每个人来这里的纯粹,便是享受音乐和彼此的陪伴。

Bradley Zero & Rhythm Section

This pioneering work in building the foundations for club culture in Peckham did not go unnoticed and soon Bradley was enlisted as a core programmer and host of the Boiler Room, when the platform was still in it’s infancy.During the early days of the show -alongside Tasker, Drakeford and Thristian - Bradley helped shape Boiler Room into the world conquering institution that it is today, helping steer it in a multitude of musical directions to shine light on the likes of Hiatus Kaiyote, Mood Hut, Beautiful Swimmers, Jan Schulte, Nils Frahm, Jay Daniel and countless other underground heroes whose music had yet to reach a wider audience. 

这项开创性的工作为建立俱乐部文化奠定了基础,并在Peckham成功的引起人们的注意,当平台还处于起步阶段时,Bradley很快就被任命为Boiler Room的核心成员和主持人。在节目的早期里与Tasker,Drakeford和Thristian-Bradley共同努力将Boiler Room塑造成如今的征服世界极具权威性的平台,帮助它引领了多种音乐风向标,也造就了Hiatus Kaiyote, Mood Hut, Beautiful Swimmers, Jan Schulte, Nils Frahm, Jay Daniel and countless还有一些数不胜数的地下艺术家。将他们推送至世人瞩目的视线里,成功的获得了更广泛的关注。

Bradley Zero Boiler Room Set

Alter. vibes

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电场 Electric Circus

电场 Electric Circus


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