A Mobile-First Approach to Blockchains and Decentralized Applications 一个区块链场景下的去中心化移动支付应用

Mon, 14 Oct 2019 18:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Mon, 14 Oct 2019 21:00:00 GMT+08
Limited 150
Startup Grind 北京


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Startup Grind Beijing presents


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 A Mobile-First Approach to Blockchains and Decentralized Applications


Blockchain technology has fast sprouted to become one of the most exciting innovations of today’s time. The benefits of blockchain are endless, and through the use of blockchain, many corporations have reaped noteworthy business benefits, including better transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, and speed of transactions. However, most well-known blockchain-based applications do not run on a mobile phone. This is astounding when considering that half of the world's internet traffic comes via mobile. 


Join us on the 14th of October for a fireside chat with Evan Kereiakes, Head of Ecosystem Development - Northern Asia, at Celo, as we discuss some tools and methods on how to make blockchain more accessible & mobile-friendly. Celo is an open platform that aims to eliminate crypto-boundaries and make financial tools accessible to anyone who owns a mobile.

10月14日,欢迎加入我们一起在Celo与生态发展-北亚区主管Evan Kereiakes的炉边谈话,讨论如何使区块链更易访问和友好的移动使用方式。Celo是一个开放平台,旨在消除密码边界,使任何拥有移动设备的人都能使用这项技术。

What we will talk about? 

- What can we learn from Celo when developing a blockchain-based mobile app? 


- Being a direct competitor of Facebook's Libra, what are the main strategies Celo is using to be better at maintaining its user's security? 


- How would developers around the world benefit from Celo SDK's DAppKit and ContractKit?

世界各地的开发人员将如何从Celo SDK的DAppKit和ContractKit中受益?



18:15 Registration and Food & Beverages 签到、食物和饮料

18:45 Startup Grind Introduction 介绍创业磨坊 

19:00 Celo Introduction 介绍 Celo

19:15 Open Mic 开放麦

19:30 Fireside Chat: Driving Adoption with Mobile-First Blockchains  炉边谈话:通过移动优先区块链推动采用

20:15 Panel Discussion and Q&A 专题讨论和问答环节

20:30 Networking 社交 

21:00 End of event 活动结束

What is Open Mic Session?
“开放麦” 是什么?

Do you have a business idea? Would you like to start a business?

Are you looking at how you could help your local community and how the community can help you and your startup grow?

Come and join our pitch session! Where we welcome entrepreneurs (founders and non-founders) of all ages and backgrounds to pitch their startup/business idea on stage!

Each person will be given only 2 minutes, so make sure, you prepare your pitch short, clear and engaging!

First Come, First Served!

Please arrive early during registration, and let our volunteers know that you'd like to pitch.

Date: October 14, 2019(Monday)

日期: 2019年10月14日(周一)

Time: 18:30 - 21:00


Venue: WeWork 光华路

7th FL, Tower AB Office Park, 10 Jintong West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

地址:WeWork 光华路

北京市朝阳区金桐西路 10 号远洋光华国际 AB 座 7 层

Language: The event is held in English

活动语言: 活动语言为英语

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About the Speakers


Evan Kereiakes 

Head of Ecosystem Development - Northern Asia

Evan brings a wealth of experience to Celo, where he’s working to build a mobile-first blockchain platform. Before Celo, he contributed to designing and launching Terra and co-authored their white paper. 

He worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for over 7 years where he was the Head Japanese Portfolio Manager and Trading Operations Manager for the foreign exchange reserves portfolio. He also has experience as an Economic Analyst at the U.S. Treasury and worked at the White House National Economic Council. 

Evan holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and engineering degrees from Duke and the University of Illinois. 




About the Host


Andrés Rodríguez

Co-Director Startup Grind Beijing

Andrés is Startup Grind Beijing's Co-Director. In his daily job, he handles the marketing and sales strategies for Bespoke Travel Co., a Beijing-based boutique travel company curating creative, customized tours and events in China for individual travelers and corporates alike.

Andrés is passionate about entrepreneurship, traveling to develop cultural understanding, and the startup ecosystems in China and Latin America, which is also what brought him to Startup Grind.

Andrés has spent nearly 7 years in Beijing and lived in 4 different continents during the last decade. Andrés is also a full-time dad of a 3rd culture kid, and a big fan of triathlon.

安德烈是创业磨坊北京分部的联合负责人。在他的日常工作中,他负责Bespoke Travel Co.的营销和销售策略,Bespoke Travel Co.是一家位于北京的精品旅游公司,为个人旅行者和企业提供在中国的创意,定制旅游和活动策划。 



About Celo HQ

Celo is an open platform 
that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Our mission is to build a monetary system that creates the conditions of prosperity for all

We are a decentralized community of creators -- developers, designers, dreamers, doers -- who are motivated by the power of accessible financial tools to make the world a better place. 

Globally, about one in every three adults do not have a bank account. As a simple consequence of this, they don’t have a straightforward means of receiving or storing value across distance and therefore are excluded from a large part of the global economy. 

We believe that to create a truly inclusive financial system, we must start by building an infrastructure to serve those excluded from the current system. Further, we believe that if we are able to do so, the resulting system will be more useful, more resilient, more full-featured, and more accessible to everybody.   

Visit celo.org for more info about our team, community & technology.


我们都是分散的社区的创造者-- 开发者,设计师,梦想家,实干家-- 我们致力于让世界变得更美好。




About Startup Grind


Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 500 cities in 125 countries. We nurture startup ecosystems  through events, media, and partnerships with organizations like Google for Startups.

创业磨坊是一个教育、启发并连接企业家的全球性独立创业社区。通过举办活动、媒体传播以及与Google for Startups等组织的合作,我们在全球125个国家、超过500个城市推动当地创业生态系统的进一步完善,为2000000位创业者提供帮助。

The cornerstone of our community are the monthly events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2010, Startup Grind has helped millions of entrepreneurs find mentorship, connect to partners and hires, pursue funding, and reach new users.

每个月我们都会邀请到北京具有影响力的企业创始人、创新者、教育者以及投资人来参加我们的活动,和大家分享他们的个人故事以及他们在创业道路上所得到的经验和教训。从2010在硅谷创立,Startup Grind已经成功帮助数以百万计的创业家与导师、合作伙伴、新雇员建立联系,找到投资资金和新用户。

We are very proud to receive global support from Google For Startups. We are also very thankful to all our local media partners, venue sponsors, F&B partners to support us in organizing our events. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to us!

对于来自Google for Startups的全球性支持我们感到很自豪和骄傲,我们也很感谢我们所有在本土的媒体合作伙伴、场地支持伙伴、食品饮品支持伙伴对我们一直以来的支持和帮助。如果你对成为我们的支持伙伴有兴趣,请联系我们!

Our Team


Our events are powered by a team of volunteers, each with a day job, and with the passion to create a stronger entrepreneurship community in Beijing. Please don't hesitate to reach out to anyone if you have any questions!


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