Becky Cup! (Badminton tournament) Becky杯羽毛球比赛

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 11:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Sat, 25 Jun 2016 14:00:00 GMT+08
Becky 龙小冰


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    Welcome to Badminton Becky's Birthday Tournament!


    In celebration of her birthday Becky is organizing Xiamen's first ever 老外 and 华人 badminton tournament called Becky's Cup! Everyone is invited to play, even if you don't play with us normally. (Feel free to pass this information around.) But please, experienced players only. This is not a tournament for beginners. Becky将组织厦门前所未有的、史无前例的首届老外和华人都可以参加的Becky杯羽毛球赛,作为她(老人家)的庆生活动!


    Tournament details: 赛事具体安排如下

    This will be a doubles only tournament. Men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.


    Played at the new  逸雄威 in Jimei. The boss is Becky's awesome coach, and the place is brand new and optimized for the best play.


     It will be a bracket style tournament with a standard 21 point game. Winner continues to the next round. The final game will be best 2 out of 3. 


    The first game will be determined by drawing lots.


    Opening ceremonies begin at 11. First game starts at 11:15.



    Registration is 130 per person.

    报名费为每人130 元。

    What you get with registration:

    * court fees (including extra courts to play if your team is eliminated early)

    * 2 bottles of water per person (more available to buy)

    * special commemorative t-shirt made just for this exciting event.  (Register before June 10th to guarantee your size.)

    * medals for the winners (you know you want one!)

    * Lots of new shuttles! When yours gets a little broken, grab a new one.

    * Other surprises

    * A guaranteed super fun time!!!! (If your not having fun then Becky will slap you until you do!)









     Rules:  其他注意事项

    Please eat beforehand. There will be no lunch break. Feel free to bring a snack if you want it.


    When signing up please indicate who you would like to be your partner in which event (men's, women's or mixed). If you don't have a partner we will try to match you up with someone suitable if possible, but no promises. Please try to find your own partner first.

    报名的时候请标注1. 谁是你的队友 2.你要参加什么比赛(男双,女双,还是混合双打)


    Each game will be self regulated. No judges, so any argument will need to be decided by the players themselves. If a dispute arises and and cannot be solved by the players, Becky will decide based on who she likes the most (you've been warned).

    比赛不设置裁判,场上选手自行裁决犯规和出界。如果双方对犯规有争议,且争议无法自行解决,Becky 将根据她更喜欢哪一方队员来协助裁决(不要说我没有警告过你们)

    First game for men's and women's doubles will begins sharply at 11:15! If you are late you forfeit the game, your opponent moves onto the next round and Becky keeps your registration fee to spend on candy. 


    Men's and woman's doubles will be played simultaneously while mixed doubles will be played immediately after. If you are playing in both, you won't have much rest time.



    Don't feel too bad if you lose! We will keep some courts open for casual play after the first round. If your team loses early you can still continue to play as long as the tournament is going on.


    The tournament will approximately be three hours long. From 11:00-2:00 (based on length of games).



    Please register before June 10th to ensure you get the proper size t-shirt. If you register after you will get a shirt but the correct size isn't guaranteed.


    After the tournament there will be a birthday dinner at 7pm Amoy brau in shapowei, on daxue lu. Buffet of sausages, different salads, fried octopus, chicken wings, pasta, fruit and snack for 148 yuan per person including a liter of beer. You are invited to join as well!


    Badminton court address : 球馆地址:


    Detailed directions will be given to everyone who registers before the event. The BRT goes nearby and there is plenty of parking as well.


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