【周三】让我们一起聆听"Someone like you" | Let's listen to the music "Someone like you"

Wed, 20 Jan 2021 19:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Wed, 20 Jan 2021 21:00:00 GMT+08
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Topic / 话题
"Someone Like You" by Adele Adkins, a love song from a point of a woman showed up unexpectedly at her married ex’s front door, only to be confronted by the fact that he’d moved on his life with a wife. Whereas she’s never been able to let go. The chorus is ironic: she says she’s going to find someone else, but the strange and obsessive part is that she wants to find someone just like him. Hopefully not to re-live the entire sad and sordid tale, but one somehow suspects that it will be so.
阿黛尔·阿德金斯(Adele Adkins)的《Someone Like You》是一首出自一个女人之手的情歌,她突然出现在已婚前男友的家门口,却发现他已经开始和妻子一起生活了。而她却一直无法释怀。合唱部分很讽刺:她说她要去找另一个人,但奇怪和执着的是,她想找一个像他一样的人。希望不要重新经历整个悲伤的故事。
This Wednesday, we invited RYAN WANG, a Hollywood image management expert to talk about abandonment issues behind this song and to share how to learn “Effortless English with Music”like a native, techniques to learn English faster with phonetic spelling.
本周三,我们邀请了好莱坞形象管理专家RYAN WANG来讨论这首歌背后的“抛弃”问题,并分享如何像母语一样学习“轻松的音乐英语”,以及通过语音拼写更快地学习英语的技巧。
Scientists have shown that listening to a song and humming along can help with language learning! When singing, we try to reproduce sounds and tone, so our accent is less pronounced than when we speak.
The song was inspired by a broken relationship, and lyrically speaks of ones coming to terms with it. Further benefits of joining this session , Ryan will wrap up the lesson in ways with “ How to end of bad relationship for good.”from the book of “ The courage to be disliked”by Alfred Adler.
这首歌的灵感来自一段破裂的关系,歌词中讲述了人们接受这段关系的过程。参加这堂课的进一步好处,Ryan将以“如何以好的方式结束糟糕的关系”来总结这堂课。摘自阿尔弗雷德·阿德勒(Alfred Adler)的《不受欢迎的勇气》(the courage to be dislike)一书。
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Host / 主持人
RYAN WANG / Image and style director
A beauty innovator, hair genius and image creator from Hollywood with achievement honor from Mr. Vidal Sassoon and Hollywood’s hip most haute celebrities.
Ryan Wang whose unique signature on style isn’t imposed, it comes from revealing a client's own. What else can you expect from the man who insists, “Life isn't perfect but your image and style can be".
His namesake Salons in the world’s most chic cities – from Beverly Hills to China and his international A-list experiences have committed with a top class and high quality of Image Enhancement workshop at PostEnglishTime.

Attention / 注意事项

Please sign up in advance, or pay extra ¥30
The event will be cancelled if the number of participants is less than 1/3 of the expected number
If you're unable to attend, please postpone the participation on the registration page. If refunded, deduct 10% registration fee.
Event / 活动信息
Time / 时间
2021/01/20 Wed 19:00 - 21:00
2021/01/20 周三 19:00点 - 21:00点
Number / 人数
30 people around
Fee / 费用
39¥, On site with 25¥ coupon
39元, 线下报名费,含25元代金券
Address / 地址
Younee Bar, F1-3, Ruichen Building, No.13 Nongzhan South Road
农展馆南路13号瑞辰国际一层 F1-3 友你餐吧
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