Entrepreneurs Night 创享之夜: Building an engaging community

Sun, 16 Jun 2019 18:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Sun, 16 Jun 2019 20:30:00 GMT+08
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Startup Grind 西安


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StartupGrind Xi'an #9

Entrepreneurs Night 创享之夜

Dear Grinders, want to attend an event to learn something new but can't stand the heat,don't want to sit at meeting room for hours??  So why we can't meet in the evening?! Enjoy the breeze, grab some drinks, still meet other like-minded people, freshen your thoughts about innovation, entrepreneurship!!  So this month,  Startup Grind Xi'an will bring you an Entrepreneurs Night, this is for Entrepreneurs and people who ready to explore entrepreneurship. Each time we will choose one topic that closely related to startups,invite one entrepreneur to share his/her experience!


So wherever you are from, as long as you are passionate about entrepreneurship, willing to help others, feel free to join us, get inspired and grow your networks!

想学习新东西,又苦于夏日的炎热,出门难,坐在会议室更难。为什么不来一场晚上的活动呢?! 所以亲爱的“创造者”们,这个六月,Startup Grind 西安将为你带来“创享之夜”,这是属于创业者,和准备创业的伙伴们的时光。微风,夜景,点一杯你爱的饮品,遇见志同道合的伙伴,获取创新,创业之路上更新一步。在每期的活动中,我们会聚焦于一个和创业者紧密相关的话题,请一位创业者分享她的经验。

What will we talk? 讨论什么?

Why building a community is important for your business?

How to build an engaging community?




(This speech will be in English, networking will be in Chinese&English)

Who will share? 谁会来分享?


Farheen Ahmed 朴智林

Farheen Ahmad is the Community director of Asia Pacific at Startup Grind, the world’s largest community of Entrepreneurs, in partnership with Google For Startups. 

Previously, Farheen was a successful tech entrepreneur. She founded a military tech company called CRON Systems that makes scalable IoT based intrusion detection systems for Indian military force. She exited the startup after it was acquired in early 2019.

Farheen is also a speaker, YouTuber, and tech influencer, with 11800+ followers on Instagram. Her YouTube channel, Internet Of Stuff, is about Startup, Technology & Venture capital in India and China. 

She is based in Bangalore in India and helps foreign entrepreneurs get connected with the Indian startup ecosystem, and with Startup Grind’s APAC community. 

Farheen Ahmad是全球最大的创业者社区-Startup Grind的亚太区总监,Startup Grind是与谷歌合作的创业教育的社群。

此前,Farheen是一位成功的科技企业家。她创建了一家名为cron systems的军事技术公司,为印度军队制造基于物联网的可扩展入侵检测系统。她在该公司于2019年初被收购后退出了该公司。

Farheen也是一名演讲者、Youtube和技术影响者,Instagram上有11800多名粉丝。她的YouTube频道“Internet of Stuff”是关于印度和中国的初创企业、技术和风险投资。

她位于印度班加罗尔,帮助外国企业家与印度创业生态系统以及Startup Grind的亚太地区社区建立联系。

Date & Time 时间

2019. 6. 16th(周日/Sun.)  18:30-20:30

18:30 Sign in 签到 & 交流 

19:00 Introduction & Dinner 开场介绍 & 晚餐

Fee 门票

 本次活动免费 Free to Enter 



Venue 场地

西安 雁南一路 曼蒂广场1层 琥珀宫·最印度

Amber Palace, Mandi Plaza 1st Floor  

(注:百度地图请搜“琥珀宫·最印度”;微信定位请搜“Amber Palace琥珀宫” )

(If you have any problem of finding the venue, please reach out to Grace, wechat: 18991842351)

关于 Startup Grind 

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 500 cities. We nurture startup ecosystems in 125 countries through events, media, and partnerships with organizations like Google for Startups.

Startup Grind 创业磨坊是一个教育、启发并连接企业家的全球性独立创业社区。通过举办活动、媒体传播以及与Google for Entrepreneurs等组织的合作,我们在全球150个国家、超过500个城市推动当地创业生态系统的进一步完善,为1500000位创业者提供帮助。


 The cornerstone of our global community is monthly events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators,and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies.

每个月我们都会邀请到具有影响力的企业创始人、创新者、教育者以及投资人来参加我们的活动,和大家分享他们的个人故事以及他们在创业道路上所得到的经验和教训。从2010在硅谷创立,Startup Grind已经成功帮助数以百万计的创业家与导师、合作伙伴、新雇员建立联系,找到投资资金和新用户。

We believe in making friends, not contacts; giving, not taking; helping others before helping yourself.



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Startup Grind 西安

Startup Grind 西安

创业磨坊 (www.startupgrind.com)是一个全球性的旨在教育,激励,和链接企业家们的社区,本机构为谷歌的官方合作伙伴。我们每个月在全世界85个国家20个城市组织活动,采访本地的企业创始人,创新者,教育者及投资人,他们会和本地的创业社区分享他们的个人旅程以及建造伟大公司路上的经验教训。

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