零编程电脑游戏制作和软硬件结合 10月17号|Design your video game and hack the controller Oct 17

Sat, 17 Oct 2015 13:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Sat, 17 Oct 2015 16:00:00 GMT+08


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    13:00 – 16:00, Saturday, Oct 17

    Personal Biography:
    Hackprende is possible thanks to OMNIS, KAI Coop and innovation unit of the biggest cooperative corporation in the world, MCC.

    The team for this Asian adventure is led by Alesander Robleno (@AlxShow) a tech entrepreneur from Europe, former CEO of Tidelabs. And it is completed by Oier and Walter, Oier Gonzalez(@OierGC) is an active guy who gets inspired using and helping other to use different technological products. He is always trying to create networking and collaboration ecosystems. In the other hand Adrian Walter Stock(@Walter_Stock)is experienced in implementing new ways of learning in the Spanish educational system and interested in tech.

    Project Description:
    “Our world is digital, learning about technology is learning about how the world is and how it will be in the future”.

    Hackprende Asia has come to life in the body of a workshop in which we introduce people to logical programming without coding;everyone will create his or her own video game functional video game prototype without coding. Once we have a functional video game we will build a controller from the scratch, whatever objects is in the room could be used to control it. Then we will have time for experimentation, be it to create a new game concept based on the possibility of hacking every object into a controller to hack an object with other purposes.

    Bring your own laptop (preferably with Windows) with working USB ports and pre-install software – Stencyl (Can be provided  in the workshop)

    Workshop Structure:
    1. Introduction
    2. Game development without coding (using Stencyl)
    3. Build controller from scratch (using Makey Makey)
    4. Experimentation time & challenge time (Run any game or app using the controller, hack other objects, test the hardware and create other controllers)
    5. “Creation” sharing & conclusions

    This workshop can help you:
    ●Introducing you to the logical programming.
    ●If you want to create a vide ogame but don’t want to learn coding.
    ●If you are interested on prototyping really fast with hard and soft integration.
    ●If you are willing to give to an object anew functionality.
    ●If you are willing to transform the whole world into your invention kit.
    ●To give you new interactions ways (soft& hard) for the technologies you master.
    ●Allowing you to build a tangible prototype of an idea you have with no need of tech knowledge nor complex tools orprocesses.

    What to expect:
    The workshop has a software part and a hardware one, first we will do a really fast rush into the logical programming,within an hour we will know the basics and we will create a functional video game prototype.Then we will build a controller with whatever material(Lego,PlayDoh, Paper,∙3d Print, …)we want. Once we know a bit about software and we got those object hacking superpowers everything will be possible. Trying classic games with new controlling approaches, competing, and challenging ourselves are the bottom line of the expectations. Attendees can buy the materials used within the workshops.

    Who should enroll:
    The workshop is ideal for no-experienced users, is a good approach for beginners or people with zero coding nor programming knowledge. Anyone willing to create a product or service with software and hardware integration should be interested on this. Experienced users will find a really comfortable approach to game development and will get a huge input in the hardware part of the workshop because of the compatibility with other technologies they could master; Makey Makey works with every app or program, also it is compatible with Arduino and Scratch games and apps can be controlled with it.
    But mostly, who does not want to transform some bananas into a piano?

    RMB 200; RMB 150 for XinCheJian Members.
    Makey Makey: RMB 284, the ones who want to buy the complete Makey Makeykit after the workshop will need to pay 284 RMB more.
    If interested, please sign up in advance, so we can calculate attendees to prepare materials! Or send Email to chris@xinchejian.com

    10月17日,星期六,13:00 – 16:00

    OMNIS, KAICOOP以及全球最大的创新公司之一MCC孕育了Hackprende。

    近期Hackprende来到了上海,进行亚洲推广。团队由Alesander Robleno(@AlxShow)领导。Alesander Robleno是一位来自欧洲的科技创业家,也是Tidelabs的前任CEO。团队其他成员有Oier和Walter。Oier Gonzalez(@OierGC)致力于用不同的科技来帮助其他人做科技产品。而Adrian Walter Stock (@Walter_Stock)则资深于西班牙教育系统。


    Hackprende 已经来到了亚洲。通过工作坊的方式,Hackprende会向大家介绍怎么做程序设计而不通过编程。每个参加工作坊的人都会创造他们自己的电脑游戏,并且 不用编程。一旦设计好了电脑游戏,我们会用能找到的材料来建造实体的控制器。然后我们会用不同的物体做控制器以达到不同的目的。

    1. 简介
    2. 用Stencyl无代码设计电脑游戏原型
    3. 用MakeyMakey做实体控制器
    4. 做实验以及黑客挑战(用控制器来运行任何游戏或者App,尝试挑战用其他的物品做控制器,测试硬件以及建造其他的控制器)
    5. 创造作品分享和总结

    USB接口能用的笔记本电脑(最好是windows系统),预先安装软件:Stencyl (工作坊上能提供)

    – 介绍和教授逻辑程序设计
    – 不通过编程而创造自己的电脑游戏
    – 用软硬件快速地打造样品
    – 给物品加上新的功能
    – 将整个世界嵌入你的发明套件里
    – 在你已经掌握的技术上加更多的软硬件功能
    –  教授你做实体的样品,即使你没有软硬件方面的知识。

    此次工作坊既包括软件也包括硬件。首先我们会很快地进入逻辑编程,在一个小时内我们会了解一些基础并且会建立一个电脑游戏样品。之后我们会用一些能 找到的材料做控制器(乐高,纸,3d打印,playboh等等)一旦我们了解软件,我们就可以用其他更多的东西做控制器。用新颖的工具来控制一些传统电脑 游戏都会包括在本堂课程中。参与者可以在工作坊上买需要的材料。

    此次工作坊很适合零基础编程的爱好者。任何对用软硬件做项目的人都可参加该工作坊。有基础的参与者可以了解更多的硬件,因为该工作坊对其他科技兼容。 MakeyMakey适用于任何app和电脑程序。并且兼容于Arduino和Scratch game和应用app。总而言之,谁不想拥有香蕉变成钢琴一样的魔法呢?

    新车间会员:150元; 新车间非会员:200元。
    Makey Makey:工作坊结束后,若需要购买MakeyMakey需另外支付284元人民币。

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