TEDxNingbo2019 年度大会「想象力共同体」Community of Imagination

Sat, 30 Nov 2019 14:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Sat, 30 Nov 2019 22:00:00 GMT+08
Limited 450


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    When we share,

    The ability to imagine is amplified;

    When we understand,

    The ability to dream is firmed

    By sharing and understanding,

    We can build a community of imagination beyond borders.

    想象力是一些好点子的来源。秉持着 Ideas worth spreading,TEDxNingbo 一直专注在人文、科技、设计、创意等领域寻找值得分享的观点。这一次,我们邀请了来自不同行业的讲者,他们各自有着自己对于想象力的发现与探索,将分享对各自行业的多元深度的观察、从想象力到具实践操作性的创造好点子。

    在今年 11 月 30 日的 TEDxNingbo2019 年度大会「想象力共同体」上,与你一起创造 18 分钟外更多元的想象可能。

    A city embodies its local culture and humanistic spirit. Individuals live in the city, and the city nurtures their souls in return. TEDxNingbo will present Ningbo’s past and future. TEDxNingbo, the forerunner to make a change, stimulates creation with brand-new thinking. It works wonders beyond your wildest imagination!

    Here come all the speakers. Let's take an adventure in the imaginative world with the speakers on the TEDxNingbo stage on November 30, and look forward to the perfect presentation of the imaginative community.


    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 1.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 2.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 3.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 4.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 5.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 6.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 7.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 8.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 9.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 10.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 11.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 12.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 13.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 14.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 15.jpg

    TEDxNingbo2019 讲者简介图中英文 16.jpg

    * 讲者出场顺序以现场为准。

    * The speech sequence is subject to the site.





    A:本次大会将会有 1-2 位英文讲者,提供中英文同传,可以按凭证件租赁同传设备(15元 / 副),欢迎中外友人参与。








    A:如有需要购买 30 张及以上的门票,请联系 TEDxNingbo 小伙伴(微信号:TEDxNB)。



    A:本次活动,不可退票;如本人无法参与,可自行把门票转让给他人(除早鸟票外),并请及时发送「门票转让:转让人和受让人各自的姓名、联系电话和邮箱」的内容给 TEDxNingbo 小伙伴(微信号:TEDxNB)。


    Q: Is there an English speaker this time? Are simultaneous interpreting devices rentable?
    A: There will be 1-2 English speakers. Simultaneous interpreting equipment is rentable on demand on site, the rent fee will be ¥15. 
    Q: Is it needed to change paper tickets when signing in?
    A: Please prepare the QR code of the e-ticket in advance when signing in, and scan it to exchange for the paper tickets and badge. The badge is the only certificate for admission on that day. Please keep it properly.
    Q: How are the seats arranged?
    A: There are different areas for different ticket types. You can sit in the same area at random. First come first served.
    Q: Do you have a group ticket?
    A: If you want to buy 30 or more tickets, please contact TEDxNingbo (wechat: TEDxNB).

    Q: Can I get refund?

    A: This event is non refundable. If you can't participate, you can transfer the ticket to others (except for early bird ticket), and please send the content of "ticket transfer: name, contact number and email address of transferor and Transferee" to TEDxNingbo wechat platform (wechat ID: TEDxNB) in time.

     关于 TED 

    TED 以「Ideas Worth Spreading」为旨。TED  于 1984 年诞生于美国,作为一个非营利机构,其目的是架构一个跨界的知识对话平台,从而让更多的思想和观念在这个平台传递。每年 TED 大会都会召集众多来自于科学、设计、文学、音乐等领域的杰出人物、思想领袖与实干家来分享他们所热衷的事业中关于科技、社会等方面的思考及探索。

    今天,TED 已有 30 多年历史,成为了全球最大影响力的演讲、分享平台,包括比尔盖茨、霍金、克林顿、卡梅隆在内的各界行家、意见领袖都曾登上它的舞台,TED 在优酷官方频道总播放量突破 1 亿。在 Youtube 网站,TED 视频总播放量超过百亿次。


     关于 TEDxNingbo 

    TEDxNingbo 是浙江省第一个以城市命名的独立 TEDx 活动主办方。在 2014 年由 TED 官方授权,从 TEDxMoonlake (2012 年始) 更名为 TEDxNingbo。我们致力于在宁波传递有价值的思想,将宁波与世界连接,发现宁波,看见世界。

     About TED 

     “Ideas Worth Spreading” is the theme of TED. TED was born in 1984 in the United States, as a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to build a cross-border knowledge dialogue platform, so that more ideas and ideas can be transmitted in this platform.
    Today, TED has a history of more than 30 years and has become the most influential speech and sharing platform in the world. Experts and opinion leaders from all walks of life, including Bill Gates, Hawking, Clinton and Cameron, have all stepped on the stage. The total broadcast volume of TED on Youku official channel has exceeded 100 million. On youtube, the total number of TED videos has exceeded 10 billion.

     About TEDxNingbo 
    TEDxNingbo is the first independently organized TEDx event of city brand in Zhejiang Province, which was officially authorized in 2014.
    From TEDxMoonlake (beginning in 2012), it was later renamed TEDxNingbo. We are committed to delivering valuable ideas in Ningbo and also reaching out to all the great ideas not only limited to this city geographically.


    * TEDxNingbo 是经 TED 官方授权的宁波地区独立 TEDx 活动主办方,是当前中国大陆最具影响力和高质量的 TEDx 活动主办方之一,由本土社群独立组织,致力于传播有价值的创想理念。

    * 感谢各位讲者对 TEDx 的规则理解,支持无偿分享观点。

    * 所有门票收入将全部用于大会准备工作,包括演讲者交通食宿、活动运营、设备与物料以及场地与宣传等费用。

    * 如在购票过程中遇到任何疑问,请联系 TEDxNingbo小伙伴,微信号:TEDxNB。

    * TEDxNingbo is a TED-authorized Ningbo-based organizer of independent TEDx events. As one of the most influential and high-quality TEDx event organizers in Mainland China, it is organized by the local community and dedicated to spreading valuable ideas.

    * Thank all the speakers for your understanding of TEDx's rules and support for free sharing of ideas.

    * All the ticket incomes will be used for the preparation of the event, including the speakers’ accommodation, activity operation, equipment, materials, venue renting and marketing.

    * Should you encounter any problems during the purchase process, please feel free to contact us through Wechat (ID: TEDxNB). 

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