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ChinaJoy 2018 VIP Pass

2018/08/02 09:00 ~ 2018/08/06 17:00
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    China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy for short) is the most influential event in the global digital entertainment industry.

    ChinaJoy is held annually in August in Shanghai, China, a costal cosmopolitan city with open economy clustered with the most intensive and most international game companies in the country. By selecting this city as its business venue, the organizers have shown their vision and intension to take the geographical advantages of Shanghai as a transport hub of the world, to maximally attract and welcome domestic and overseas spectators and game industry practitioners to come to participate.

    ChinaJoy Expo showcases online games, console games, web games, hardware products related to digital entertainment, etc., and is divided into B to C Area and B to B Area.

    B to C Area is a comprehensive exhibition area for digital entertainment for the general public, the most popular area amongst game and animation fans at ChinaJoy Expo. Its the best platform where game companies can directly interact with and conduct demonstrations for game players.

    Bringing together brands' corporation, products, technologies and capital, B to B Area provides comprehensive industrial business services and continues to drive extensive communication and partnership between domestic and foreign game companies in a range of business steps. For example exhibitions, online business matching, investments and financing, which highlighting ChinaJoy's function and its role in leading and providing growth in the industry.

    Events schedule :

    BTOC Exhibition: August 3rd – 6th 2018. N1-N5, E1-E7 Halls, Shanghai New International Expo Center;

    WMGC /BTOB Exhibition: August 3rd -5th 2018. W5-W2 Halls, Shanghai New International Expo Center;

    China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC): August 2nd -3rd 2018.  Shanghai Pudong Kerry Centre Hotel; 

    Global Game Industry Summit: August 4th -5th 2018 Shanghai Pudong Kerry Centre Hotel;

    Global E-Sports Industry Summit: August 3rd 2018 Shanghai Pudong Kerry Centre Hotel;

    China Internet Video Development Summit: August 4th 2018 Afternoon, Shanghai Pudong Kerry Centre Hotel;

    China Game Developers Conference (CGDC): August 2nd -3rd 2018, Shanghai Pudong Kerry Centre Hotel;




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