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2018 ChinaJoy CDEC 2018 Pass

2018/08/02 09:00 ~ 2018/08/04 17:00
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    China Digital Entertainment Industry Conference


    China Digital Entertainment Industry Conference (CDEC) is a top digital entertainment industry event of ChinaJoy that is most professional, authoritative and international in the world. It highlights the unique charm of digital entertainment’s cross-border integration, gives insights into latest developments in the forefront entertainments of global film and television, games, net literature,music and animation, and presents to the participants the trends of new digital entertainment technologies, the digital entertainment industry policy of China, and market outlooks, so that enabling professional audiences of the world to grasp and understand the whole picture of the development of China's digital entertainment industry in a globalized environment.


    The CDEC2018 will be grandiosely held at the Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai on 2nd-5th August.

    By then, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and TV of the PRC, the Shanghai Municipal Government and the well-known entrepreneurs of the global digital entertainment industry will, with an invitation issued by the Organizer, attend the conference,/and share with professional audiences the authoritative, subversive exploration ideas and results such as industrial policies, advanced development strategies, new market opportunities, future trends, and new technologies.


    The CDEC2018 is looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai in August.

    The dates for All Sessions : 

    China Digital Entertainment  Congress (CDEC):  2nd -3rd August 2018

    Global Game Industry Summit :  3rd  August 2018

    2018 Global E-sports Conference:  4th August  2018

    For ticket purchasing, please contact:


    Mr Edward Gao



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